Would You Like to Avoid Tick Bites? Then Make Use of this Natural Oil

The ticks have hatred for this natural oil. In the summer months of June and July, people often experience the greatest burden of ticks, and according to statistics, the number of tick bites in humans is increasing yearly. Do you wish to go for a walk in the woods soon? Then it is necessary to monitor the body for tick bites. Would you prefer to prevent it rather than cure it? Then make use of this natural oil before entering the habitat of these nasty critters.

Tick bites

Although June and July aren’t only the times when tick bites are common. In line with climate change, ticks remain active longer, and they can also be seen in the months before and after the end of summer. Therefore, you should always check your body carefully after a walk in the forest. If bitten by a tick, you might be carrying Lyme disease. Have you ever noticed a tick somewhere on your body? If so, endeavor to remove it safely.

Essential oil to prevent ticks

Meanwhile, prevention is better than cure. So, we should always heed the advice of rangers who have been using natural tea tree oil for years to prevent ticks. The essential oil can be added to the shower product which you can then wash yourself with before visiting a forest or wooded area. The oil is effective for people but can be toxic or even dangerous to pets and animals. Eucalyptus and lemon oil aren’t only harmful to pets, and can be used as an alternative to tea tree oil.

Don’t use alcohol

Some people often make this costly mistake by using alcohol immediately they notice a tick. Although, the idea is not surprising as alcohol numbs the animal. Meanwhile, it is a bad thing to use alcohol when removing a tick. The tick then vomits its stomach contents on your skin. This is something you definitely need to avoid.

Remove correctly

The best way to remove ticks from your body is with the use of special tweezers. Grasp the bug with the tweezers as close to the skin as possible so that it is least likely to break off, with its head in the skin.

Firstly, twist the tweezers to the left or right to release the tick, and then pull it out. If a piece of its head remains around the skin, you shouldn’t worry about that, it is not harmful. It will come out on its own, just like a splinter that can’t be grasped with tweezers.

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