Try to Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning the TV Set

Several people make different mistakes when cleaning their television set. The TV deserves a good cleaning once in a while to avoid gathering a lot of dust, and being crowded with greasy fingerprints. You may think that it is not a difficult job to do as you only need to wipe it over with a damp cloth, and you are done. Unfortunately, you can still do some wrong things when you clean the TV. Always avoid the following right from now:

1.     Dishcloth: Do you usually make use of a standard dishcloth to clean the TV? If yes, then it is the right time to exchange it for a microfiber cloth. These wipes are specially designed to wipe dirt from glass, screens, cell phones, and camera lenses. The greatest positive benefit of a microfiber cloth is that it doesn’t leave any stripes or scratches on the glass screen.

2.     Liquids: Liquids can offer great damages to the LCD, LED and plasma screens especially if the liquid contains ammonia, alcohol or acetone. It is most appropriate to clean with a dry microfiber cloth. Just rub greasy fingerprints a few times and they will wipe off almost immediately. If the stains persist, then make use of a special cleaning agent which is made for cleaning glass screens such as TVs, cell phones and computer monitors.

3.     Spraying: Do you enjoy spraying the cleaner directly on the screen? Then it is better to stop such habits right away. Old-fashioned televisions can often withstand a little water, because they have a glass layer. However, don’t spray the detergent directly on the screen. Rather, spray it on a microfiber cloth and then wipe it over the screen. When you spray the liquid directly on the screen, there is a possibility that the liquid will drip down into the TV, which can result in serious damage.

4.     Remote control: The remote control also deserves a good cleaning every now and then. There are several bacteria that can get into the control. You can make use of the disinfectant cleaning wipes, but first remove batteries because the moisture in the wipes can also affect them.

5.     Speakers: Most TVs today have built-in speakers. These must, of course, be also included when cleaning the TV. Endeavor not to clean it with a wet cloth because the liquid can leak in and cause damage. Instead, make use of a duster or vacuum cleaner to easily remove all dust and other dirt from the speakers.

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