This Trick Can Make Ironing Your Clothes A lot Easier

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It is possible for you to have wrinkle-free clothes without even ironing it. There are some individuals that often find ironing a calming or a soothing activity. In most cases, people don’t much look forward to this household chore. Are you one of those people that hate ironing? Then there is a handy tip for you. Bonus: you don’t even need a clothes iron.

If you personally have a tumble dryer, then you are good to go!

Goodbye Iron

Some people actually hate having to take out their clothes iron just to make sure the clothes are presentable enough to wear again. In case you are part of those people, then we have got a good news for you. If you have a tumble dryer, the machine can easily do the work for you. Quite good! However, you need a little more than just your tremble dryer, therefore you also need your clean laundry (obviously) and a couple of ice cubes.

How it works

If at all we are to believe the online site Lifehacker, this is the ideal method to ensure that your clothes become wrinkle-free. How does it work exactly? Just pour your dry, wrinkled (clean) clothes in the dryer. Kindly ensure that you don’t put too many clothes at once in the drum. Then add a couple of ice cubes and turn the dryer onto the hottest setting and leave it to run for a couple of minutes. After that, you can now take out the clothes and shake them out properly. And you are done with it! Your clothes are now wrinkle-free.


Although it might sound awesome to be true but if you think about it very well, you will realize that it is not actually surprising that this trick works. The hot air will cause the ice cubes to melt which indicate that the clothes are basically being steamed. It is because the clothes are still hot as at the time you take them out of the dryer, therefore you can easily shake the wrinkles out of them.

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