This is What Blind People Experience When They Dream

Just like every other person, the blinds also dream. You might not always remember when you wake up in the morning, but definitely everyone dreams at night. Blind people are also inclusive! Yet, isn’t it possible wondering what blind people “see” when they dream? Are you also curious about this? Then this article will offer the relevant answer to your curiosity.

Blind people also dream

The blind people also dream as much as people who can see. It is because dreams are generated in our brain. Dreaming is a function of the brain and not really the eyes. There are subtle differences in the dreams of blind people, and people who can see. Some blind people actually see images in their dreams, depending on their age when they lost their sight.

Can blind people “see” in their dreams?

Those that are born blind or become blind at a young age (up to 5years old) have no vision in their dreams. People who went blind after the age of five or six do have visual dreams. Therefore, blind people can still “see” in their dreams, if they have stored enough memories in their brain when they were able to see. However, people who lost their sight at a very young age still dream, but other senses play a much more important role in their dreams.

Other senses

In general, blind people experience other sensory sensations more strongly than visual ones, regardless of whether they have been blind since birth or not. Research studies reveal that touch; smell and taste play a greater role in the dreams of blind people. It is definitely a reflection of their life when they are awake. During the day, blind people experience taste, smell and touch more intensely than people who can see.


The dreams of people who are blind aren’t very different when we are to talk about certain themes, compared with dreams of people who have vision. The only notable difference is that blind people experience aggression less often in their dreams.

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