The Few Common Causes Of Stroke

The Few Common Causes Of Stroke
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The Few Common Causes Of Stroke

A stroke we know in a simple language is a situation where by the brain do not longer have a free access to oxygen rich blood which maybe due to the clogging or the rupturing of an artery in the brain and when it has to do with an artery clogging, we referes to it as an ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke occurs when there is rupturing of the arteries that supplies oxygenated blood to the brain.

Therefore since basically, stroke is a result of oxegenated blood not having access to the brain, so, in other for stroke to treated, then we must try and restore the total flow of oxygenated blood back to the heart and one of the major therapy for stroke is to carry out surgery in case of hemorrhagic stroke and make use of clot busing drugs for those stroke that are ischemic.

There are major signs that will be noticed once stroke sets in, and these signs includes; weakness in one of the arms and/or leg, unclear speech and ofcourse the facial droppings in half of the face. This account for the major symptoms but we still have some other mild symptoms such as visiom problem, dizziness and headache among others. Having the basic knowledge of stroke can help you handle the condition with much seriously and then you need to call emergency number if such condition is observe in any individual because time wastage will not be in the best interest of the patience. We should be very aware that stroke occurs just suddenly and could be very dangerous and life threatning as well. If it doesn’t result into death, then it may leads to so many other health complications which includes paralysis, memory loss, emotional issues, difficulty talking, pains and all. In other words stroke is a very dangerous health conditions that needs to be taking with serious and urgent medical attention when it set in. But the most important thing of all is that one should know the major reason and causes of stroke in other to be able to avoid them.

Even though there are various medical treatment that have been made available, it is still very good to know what are the causes of stroke and try as much as possible to stay clear from it. Some of these causes is what we will be discussing in this write up and they are explained below.

  1. Diabetes:

Diabetes which is characterised mainly by the inability of the body to convert suger to energy due to the production of insufficient insulin. The amount of glucose will because of this increase and they can cause clog to the arteries as a result of fatty acid deposits.

This in all can results into the damage of the nerves that may lead to stroke and other various heart diseases. Therefore patients with diabetes have double the chances of having stroke than normal individual without diabetes and this is why your health must be well taken care of even at the level of controlling your sugar level which may lead to diabetes and eventually stroke. As they say, prevention is always far better than trying to get treatment, because treatment in most times may fail or probably very expensive self.

  1. Central Obesity:

Central Obesity which involves having excess fat around the waist area increases the production of a very bad cholesterol known as the LDL cholesterol that contributes very well to ischemic stroke.
Hence it is very essential to try to keep fit and lose excess weight of the body so as to avoid unnecessary deposition of fat in the body that may end up being a reason for serious health complications such as stroke. Obesity have also been known to be a cause of other life threatning diseases aside stroke and these includes, heart diseases and also the type two diabetes.

  1. Smoking:

Smokers have twice risk and chances of getting stroke than a non smoker and this is because smoking increases blood cloth formation, thicken blood and also causes the build up of plaques on the arteries. And basically these are one of the major factors that can put the body system on the higher risk of having stroke. It will be of a very great advantage if a smoker can decide to stop smoking totally because this will give chance for a very free flow of blood. This free flow of blood will go along way to make the body healthy and reduces any chance of having stroke. Because when there is a free flow of blood to the brain, then the chances of getting stroke is very rare.

  1. Age:

This is a cause of stroke that is basically natural in a way. As we know that stroke can occur to individual at any age, it is still very common to some particular age which are normally the very old people. So, even though it is a natural course, we should still not ignore it as one of the major reasons that can lead to stroke.

It is observe that after the age of 55, the chances of having stroke increases and even double up after every decade. Therefore it is always very good for adults most especially the very old ones to always be very mindful of there health conditions as they grow older, so as to limit the risk and chances of having stroke at old age.

  1. High Blood Pressure:

Basically this is one if the greatest reason among the other reasons why stroke occurs and this is simply because high blood pressure causes alot of damage to the arteris of the body. And once an artery is damage, it can cause the blockage of the blood to the brain and this can lead to stroke and other heart diseases. And this is the main reasons why it is always adviced that you check your Blood pressure from time to time, because once it is increasing, the Doctors will always give you drugs and other method depending on your health condition or body system to make the BP to come down to a moderate level that won’t have any damage or be of any danger to the body.

  1. Medication.

Alot of people takes drugs just like that without bothering to know the side effects of the drugs they are taking, meanwhile alot of drugs are out there with so many side effects that can cause stroke or more life threatning diseases as well.

Basically, drugs like the birth control pills and hormone therapy increases the risk of getting stroke, therefore before you take any drug to use for any reason, always take time to study it effect both on short and long time course.

These are some of the major reasons that brings about stroke and most of them can be totally avoided because they are maInly cause by individual carelessness or negligence. Therefore in order to have a very good and healthy living free from stroke or any other related heart diseases and health complications, then you should be very mindful of your health, smoking and drinking should be stop and also try as much as possible to be close to your doctore to know the level of your blood pressure so that it won’t sky rocket as it may be dangerous to the body leading to stroke if it shoots up with no immediate response or care.


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