Nine Ways to Fight a Sore Throat

Some tricks will help you to effectively soothe a sore throat. When it is a spring time again, it is mostly accompanied by a wave of flu and serious complainants from hay sufferers. Another serious complaint by people lately is a sore throat. A stuffy throat and pain when swallowing is generally nothing to worry about. However, there are several ways to effectively soothe a sore throat. We have shortlisted some ways for you in this article and with the tricks; you can get rid of a sore throat quickly. It includes:

1.     Sleep: The easiest way to recover from sore throat is to get enough sleep. Therefore, if you are having a sore throat, just crawl under the covers extra-early to ensure that you get enough rest, and your body recovers.

2.     Tea: In the olden days, people make use of honey to treat sore throat. The sweet liquid soothes the pain and possesses an anti-inflammatory effect. In order to give your tea some strength, you can just add herbs with healing properties. For example, cinnamon relieves pain, cloves dissolve mucus, turmeric inhibits inflammation, and cayenne pepper gets rid of toxins. Therefore, get a tea of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, turmeric, a little cayenne pepper, and a dash of honey.

3.     Ice: The opposite of hot tea which is frozen water does a lot of good benefits to your throat. Ice can help ease the pain of a sore throat. You should rather choose a Popsicle instead of ice cream because dairy irritates the throat.

4.     Chicken Soup: Effective old chicken soup is an age-old remedy for a sore throat. Chicken soup helps reduce the mucus in the nasal passage and hence make your throat feel less irritated.

5.     Gargle with salt water: Simply stir a teaspoon of salt into a mug of boiling water, let it cool down and gargle. Salt will help inhibit inflammation.

6.     Licorice: Suck on a candy or licorice to make more saliva which can offer relief. There are several throat lozenges on the market that also contain painkillers.

7.     Steaming: The steam released from a warm bath or shower hydrates the mucous membranes, making them less irritated. Anytime you are going to steam in a bath or over a tub, add a little peppermint oil to open the nose and throat.

8.     Good humidity: When there is a dry house, there could be irritated mucous membranes. Always ensure your house remains sufficiently damp (but not too damp, of course) by installing a moisture controller. In another way, you can get a bowl of water on the heater to have better results.

9.     General practitioner: Have you ever been struggling with a sore throat for a long period of time? Or do you recently develop a severe sore throat in combination with a fever? Then it is necessary to visit your doctor, it could be that you may have strep throat or an infection.

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