Incredible: She Drank a Cup of Baking Soda and Water Every Day. After a Month, Her Body Was Unrecognizable

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In sincerity, we all have to agree that baking soda is an awesome and fantastic recipe. The ingredient is very powerful which you can use for almost everything. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is very cheap, but very useful and effective. A lot of experts around the world suggest that this ingredient can be used to fight, treat, and prevent several health problems such as common cold, cancer and many others.

It can also be used for oral hygiene, deodorants etc. Just as we have highlighted, baking soda is being widely used by a lot of people around the world and some of the purposes include diarrhea prevention, acidity, drug intoxication, metabolic acidosis and peptic ulcer. Are you also aware that this powerful ingredient has antipruritic properties and keeps the skin healthy and glowing? Yes, it can. People use baking soda to get rid of plague and colds.

We are also aware of the fact that baking soda contains sodium and can prevent hyperkalemia, kidney stones and infections of the bladder. It is very important to actually check out this simple trick – simply mix and drink baking soda with water to relieve pain in the muscles after a hard workout.

Do we actually know that baking soda can be used to destroy nail fungus and get rid of grime? Yes, it is possible. You only need to apply some baking soda on a nail brush and scrub your nails.

How to make baking soda at home?

You only need to get a half teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water which is just about 200 milliliters. Mix the two ingredients together and drink once in a day or as the doctor recommends. Do not drink it daily if you must, make sure it is done under supervision.

Importance of baking soda with water

1.     It makes for an excellent antacid

2.     It alkalizes the body

3.     It can help to prevent kidney stones

4.     It can help save you from UTI

5.     It serves as a digestive cleanser

6.     It reduces inflammation

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