Here is the Easiest Way to Cut Onions

There is a handy trick in the kitchen to help you through! For several recipes, onion and garlic are required seasonings. But in some cases, it is a hassle to peel both ingredients first. Luckily, there is a handy trick for garlic, but what about onions? Fortunately, there is also a handy trick for onion.

Peeling onions

Several people cut only the ends of an onion and then try to peel the skin off. Such action isn’t always comfortable to do. In some situations, skin breaks off again and you need to find a new start. How interesting would it be to simply pull the skin off in one smooth motion? That will definitely save you some time in the kitchen. Fortunately, you can. All you need to do is cut your onion into half pieces.

Cut in half

You firstly need to cut the ends of your onion and then cut the onion in half lengthwise. With this process, it will be much easier to find and grip the outer layer of the onion. Moreover, it also breaks down less quickly. Do you usually grip the layer? Then you mostly remove it in one smooth motion. It is also very easy to grip the layer again when it does break off. Very ideal!

Prevent crying

The moment you are done peeling the onion, you will obviously move to slicing it. In no time, tears rush down your cheeks, it is because your eyes sting when the juice is released from the onion. There are several tips on the internet that can make you avoid this. One way that actually works very well is putting your onion in the freezer beforehand. It is not something that should take a long period of time, just a few minutes.

The component that makes your eyes sting, is released less quickly when the onion is frozen.

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