Have You Ever Wondered Why Shirt Pockets Are Always On the Left? Here is an Interesting Reason behind It That You Should Know

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It is an undeniable fact that modern men and women preferred to put on shirts as choice attire for sophistication and ease. Shirts are usually comfy, very classy, and it can be cool. Sometimes, it could be very irritating most especially when you are about to have sex as taking off those buttons from a shirt can take up some of your good time and spoil the mood.

However, you can easily find a shirt in everyone’s wardrobe either man, woman, or child. In this recent time, people also make their dogs wear one. This indicates that everyone is going to wear a shirt at a point in their lives. Now, let us talk about the crux of the article.

Why are the pockets on shirts placed on the left side every time?

Yes, the pockets on shirts are always located at the left side, for women, men, and even children. The basic reason behind it is very simple and a little biased towards right-handed people. For right-handed people, they can easily pick something out of the left pocket on the shirt than if it was on the right side. The wrist movement is very simple and easy.

However, left-handed people will experience difficulty while picking out stuff from the shirt as the pocket is on the left side only. Now, let us talk about the bias. Let us start by blaming Maths. Most people on in the world are right-handed and if you want it on the left, then it will cost companies extra money and they will definitely have to keep a count on the number of left-handed people, which is stupid.

So you just have to deal with it or take it to the United Nations. Here is a link to their contact page. They are friendly people, be free to speak with them.

Another Strong Reason

The act of putting a coin in your shirt pocket can protect you from a bullet. Always consider protecting your heart, kids.


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