From His Salary to His Girlfriend: Here are Some Things You Didn’t Know about Pope Francis

Get it clear; it is very true that the pope was once in love. He succeeded Benedict XVI in 2013, he lives in the Vatican City – of which he is the sovereign entity- and he was born on December 17, 1936. These are the most things that are common and well known by people about Pope Francis. The Pope sometimes has a little bit of dull image. But are you aware that there are several other things which are interesting and peculiar facts about Pope Francis? Then worry no more as we have listed them for you.

  1. He is known as Pope Francis, but his holiness was born as Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
  2. The Bishop of Rome is very fluent in speaking different languages. He is good in Italian, German, and Spanish. The last one isn’t surprising because he was born in Argentina. Also, the pope has a basic knowledge of English, French, and Portuguese.
  3. Part of his lung is missing. Do you know why? As a child he got an infection and part of one of his lungs had to be removed.
  4. The pope can dance! Indeed, if anyone could work far beyond their retirement age, it is the Pope. But he is still young at heart, because he loves to do the tango! “I loved tango and danced it a lot when I was young”, he told Ambrogetti and Sergio Rubin, the authors of his biography El Jesuita, which appeared in 2010.
  5. The Archbishop had a girlfriend! “She was one of my friends whom I regularly went dancing with, but then I discovered my religious calling”, the Pope confessed to the authors of his biography. So, definitely not a scandalous affair for the Pope.
  6. Students sometimes find it hard to cover living expenses due to their low income. Jorge mentioned that he also experienced the same fate. And so he worked as a bouncer in a bar in Buenos Aires to fund his academic studies.
  7. Pope Francis is a great fan of football! He is a passionate fan of San Lorenzo Football Club.
  8. As the placeholder of Jesus Christ, the pope has several tasks, but even the pope sometimes takes time off to watch a movie. Do you know his favorite? It is Babette’s Feast, a Danish drama from 1987.
  9. Francis is the first non-European pope in a long time. His only non-European predecessor took over in 731.
  10. As the head of the Roman Catholic Church, his holiness is building a nice retirement. Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 2013 and received a nice pension package. The last time the Vatican gave a pension was 600 years ago. The Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that the Pope Emeritus receives 2500 Euros a month.

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