Check Out These Shocking Things Done By China to Stop Corona & Implement in India Right Now

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5.     Go away from public transport and public places: There is high number of chances to get contaminated while in public places. It needs to be avoided as much as possible. You should avoid cabs, metros, train, buses at all costs.

In addition to these, there are other pertinent whilst drastic steps being taken by Chinese Government and India might also need to take similar steps soon. They are:

–         Build Testing Infrastructure: It is important for the government to build Corona testing infra before the outbreak or else it would be really complex to stop the virus in absence of proper testing.

–         Build Medical Infrastructure: There is need for the government to create temporary medical facilities especially in Non metro districts along with proper training of medical personnel so that the fear can be contained.

–         Restriction of Movements: Social containment is the only proven deterrant to Corona virus and the government needs to ensure that the movements are rationed by the way China did. The Chinese government allowed only one member per family to move out of the house to fetch supplies and other sundry for the family.

To the general public, it is important for us to please follow all these steps and stay safe.

Kindly share this article with your loved ones. It is never too late to start taking steps and early action is the best way to not end up in Chinese and Italian condition.


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