Amazing Tips: How You Can Grow 2-4 Inches of Your Hair in a Week

Hello gorgeous ladies! What we will be talking about today is a cool tip for your hair. Do you have the desire to grow your hair in just a week? If this is your dream, then you only need to follow these easy steps to get the final result. Firstly, we actually want to get you some tips which will be very helpful in this process of growing your hair.

You should endeavor to follow the instructions carefully and do it exactly as it is stated. Ensure you do it every Friday and Saturday for excellent results. You shouldn’t wash your hair every single day; it is not an ideal act! Let the natural oil buildup (they are really awesome for your hair). Apply conditioner once in a week. The instructions to follow step by step are shown in the video.

The first step is to comb the hair very well so that there won’t be any tangles. The next thing is to prepare the oil (you can warm up olive or coconut oil in a microwave bowl for around 30 seconds). Use around two to four tablespoons depending on the hair length. The following step is to massage the olive oil in your scalp for around a minute. Ensure it covers your whole scalp for better results. Now, hang your head upside down. It mightn’t be comfortable but you should hang it that way for four minutes. It will move the blood to your head and help increase circulation. Let the oil stay on your hair for around two hours. You can now wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo for you to effectively get rid of the oil from your hair. You will need to watch this video carefully for proper understanding and instruction and start enjoying the cool tips.

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