A Father Looks at the Doctor’s Hand during Labor and Sees Something Amazing

It was actually a bizarre delivery! Childbirth is one of the most amazing moments in life. It is always great to finally hold the baby you have been waiting for, for a long period of time. This was how Alicia and Randy Akins felt as they were about to welcome their daughter to the world. Surprisingly, this happened…

The couple was more than ever ready to welcome their daughter, Neveah which is a name that refers to Heaven. The mother, Alicia was to deliver her little girl by caesarean section. During the caesarean section, something incredible happened. The couple’s doctor, Dr. Sawyer was busy with the operation when something strange happened suddenly. It happened that the baby held his finger from the womb. It sounds like a bizarre, in fact, almost unbelievable story, but luckily the couple has a photograph as evidence. Check it out!

Father Randy’s sharp camerawork made it possible for the world to believe the claim of the couple. The photo clearly reveals that a small baby hand is holding the surgeon’s larger hand. Immediately after the mother Alicia posted the picture on the internet, it travelled all over the world. For a long time, Alicia had doubts about posting the photo on social media and she was always afraid that the public might find the picture too “violent” or “unpleasant”.

A similar photo surfaced in 2003 as the photo displayed a 21-week baby with the rare condition Spina Bifida, who grabbed the surgeon’s hand. However, it later turned out that the baby could definitely not have grasped the surgeon’s hand; the baby was under general anesthesia. Accidentally, the hand popped out of the wound as the surgeon tried to close the incision.

However, whether little Nevaeh actually took Dr. Sawyer’s hand or whether this was an “accident” we will never know. In any case, it is a beautiful and special photo.

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