US Government Confirms Cannabis Can Kill Cancer Cells

US Government Confirms Cannabis Can Kill Cancer Cells

Some people had opined the effectiveness of cannabis in curing cancer and it became a top story when the US government confirmed that cannabis can help kill cancer cells after conducting a test on some animals at National Cancer Institute.

The federal law stipulated that it is illegal for any individual to possess cannabis in United States unless it is used for an approved research study. Meanwhile, there are some countries that have legalized the consumption/possession of marijuana for medical purpose.

It is studied that cannabis contains cannabinoids which is also referred to as phytocannabinoids that can cause effects that are medical to the body system. The central nervous system and immune system are the major focus for such development. The research study was conducted on animals; typically mice and rats. The active compound present in cannabis known as cannabinoids is said to be very active in killing cancer cells while safeguarding normal cells.

The cannabinoids can reduce the risk of colon cancer, breast and liver cancer and even boost the efficiency of chemotherapy. The major component of psychoactive cannabinoid in Cannabis is delta-9-THC and the other active component is cannabidiol which is effective in reducing pains and lowering of inflammation.

It was published on the website of the National Institute of Cancer which is a part the US department of health that cannabinoids is very essential in taking care of side effects of cancer and cancer treatment. The publication further revealed that cannabis can be an effective treatment of cancer. You can easily manage side effects of cancer and cancer therapies such as pain, nausea, anxiety, and loss of appetite with the use of cannabis and cannabinoids.

It was however an animal study that cannabinoids can kill cancer cells and protect normal cells. The compound also inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth and block the development of blood vessels that are essential for tumors to grow.

Meanwhile, during the research, it isn’t yet affirmed that patients ought to inhale or consume cannabis as a possible treatment for any symptoms that are cancer-related. United States has approved the use of cannabis for medical purpose and ever since then most people with cancer have been making use of it to alleviate pains.


Kindly be aware that the Cancer Research Charity explained cautiously that there is no concrete evidence of such similar effect in humans. They opined that cannabinoids isn’t confirmed in humans as a powerful way of treating cancer patients, although there is ongoing research on the subject matter across the world. Therefore, regardless of the strength of cannabis and its components in fighting against cancer and other related conditions, there is no present clinical evidence of its anti-cancer effectiveness.

Medical cannabis is said to alleviate some health conditions and there are ongoing research about the nature of effect it can have on some diseases such as cancer. Meanwhile, if you are willing to fight against nausea that can be caused by chemotherapy, you should consider medical cannabis.

In a study carried out around 2014, cannabinoids and radiotherapy can fight against brain cancer although the remark is inconclusive.


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