Reasons Why You Should Eat Garlic with Empty Stomach

Reasons Why You Should Eat Garlic with Empty Stomach

Reasons Why You Should Eat Garlic with Empty Stomach

The modern world has made it essential to know about ingredient education. There are different ingredients around the world and one of the most used is garlic. It possesses different components ranging from vitamins, minerals and other active compositions. Eating garlic can actually develop different benefits to the body system and taking it early in the morning can possess some importance.

There are different opinions on the need to eat garlic with empty stomach and it is appropriate to know the essential of this recipe. It has been in used for many years for medicinal purpose and research shown that it can prevent and cure different health disease when eating on empty stomach.

According to studies, eating garlic on empty stomach can actually serve as a power antibiotic in the body. Bacteria will be exposed very early in the morning before breakfast and eating garlic by that time will weaken those bacteria. Garlic is also effective in fighting against depression and helps cleanse the blood.

When you eat raw garlic with empty stomach, you will be able to experience different benefits to your general health and life due to its health-promoting properties. Garlic can help aid circulatory and digestive system, boost the immune system, reduce blood pressure and fight against heart diseases. You can use it for your cooking ingredient or take it raw, any way you choose to adopt; it will definitely make a positive impact on your body.

Here are some benefits of eating garlic on empty stomach:

  1. It controls hypertension: Research showed that people who are experiencing hypertension can actually be able to relieve some symptoms when they eat garlic on empty stomach.
  2. It aids weight loss: Another great source of weight loss is consumption of garlic before eating any food. There are some components in garlic that are very effective in burning bad and excessive fats in the body. Also, there are studies from nutritional journals that clearly shown that garlic can speed up metabolism in the body.
  3. It makes lipid profile stronger: According to a Macrobiotic Nutritionist, ND Philip Arona who said “the lipid profile will be stronger when anyone eats garlic in the morning on empty stomach. It will make the blood thinner while stabilizing the cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Due to the presence of sulphur compound in garlic, it easily destroys tumor cells.
  4. It is essential for gut: Since garlic is a powerful antibiotic, it heals numerous lung diseases and hence strengthens the gut for appropriate absorption of nutrients from food intake. Garlic enables proper functioning of liver and bladder in the body. You will also be able control stress and anxiety when you eat garlic on empty stomach. This is because it will prevent stomach acid from developing anytime you are nervous or anxious.
  5. It controls blood sugar: If you are truly looking for diet that is sugar friendly, it is right time to check out garlic. It is very rich in a compound known as allicin. Allicin is well known to be responsible for controlling and reducing blood sugar levels. You should consider eating raw garlic pods two times in a day in order to control the blood sugar levels in the body.
  6. It detoxifies the body: The presence of a powerful compound in garlic known as sulfhydryl can help get rid of toxic substances from the body. In case you had a heavy dinner last night, it is expedient to start the new day with garlic on a detox mode.
  7. It is helpful for tuberculosis: People that are diagnosed with tuberculosis can actually benefit from eating garlic. The procedure is simple; kindly ensure you eat an entire bulb of garlic a day. You can split it into different portions of your choice and it is most appropriate to eat it raw or little browned in the oven.
  8. It prevents cancer: Since garlic is rich in anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-carcinogenic properties, it is a great way to prevent cancer. Eating garlic raw with empty stomach in the morning can actually possess great threat to cancer.

How to eat raw garlic on an empty stomach:


There are nutritional benefits of eating raw garlic than cooked one, most reason why it is usually used for salads ingredients. Here are some ways you can start your day with eating raw garlic:

  • Ensure the garlic is fresh and neat; when garlic isn’t fresh; the allicin compound tends to reduce.
  • Peel off the skin of one part of the clove carefully and keep the remaining part of clove inside the refrigerator.
  • Cut a little out of the peeled clove because eating too much garlic on empty stomach can be harmful to the body.
  • Swallow the little you cut with a glass of water. Swallowing garlic with water will help ease the process.

Other ways you can eat garlic:

  • Chop bits of garlic and prepare a tea with it. You can drink it with breakfast.
  • Eat whole pods of raw garlic as snacks.
  • Fry garlic on pan with butter and then mix it with your omelette.
  • You can add fresh diced garlic into your chutney and eat it with dosa.


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