How to Reduce Flabby Stomach Fat with One Tablespoon of this Homemade Syrup

How to Reduce Flabby Stomach Fat with One Tablespoon of this Homemade Syrup

Everyone loves to eat super foods at a point or the other. The desire to just get up from bed and grab a stack of pancakes is always there.

What you might not know is how those chocolate candy bars and yummy snacks are getting into the stomach and forming a fat. You might be wondering if truly the cause of flabby stomach is the syrup due to the high level of sugar presence.

There is a way out to it! You can still change the recipe of the syrup into another thing that will surely add a bit weight and eliminate excess weight in the body.

Having a flabby stomach shouldn’t be a topic of concern as you don’t even need to spend much time inside gym before getting rid of the flabby stomach. There is simple homemade syrup that will help you achieve such goal without stress.

This syrup can be done right from your house and it will not only help your brain function properly but also assist in aiding reduction in stomach fat. It is worthy of trial right? Keep reading to get the full insights!

The ingredients you need to get:

  • 3 lemons
  • 3 spoonfuls of honey
  • 15g horseradish.

Note that what we stated is just the ideal ratio of the ingredients. In case you wish to increase the quantities, it is a welcome idea so far you are cautious about the specification.

Instructions on how to make it:

  • Get a blender and put the horseradish inside it. Ensure you blend it very well till it turns to a nice paste.
  • As you are blending it, add both honey and lemon juice to it. This process will make the paste have good flavor and syrupy due to the addition of honey.
  • Ensure you blend it to form a homogeneous paste. You can choose to add a little water to it. Then, it is done and it can be put into a syrup jar. The time is ready for you to enjoy your syrup.

How it will taste:
One great thing about this homemade syrup is its great taste. The presence of honey will make it sweet and sticky while horseradish will enable it to have a bit sharp taste. The both ingredients will ensure the mixture is quite fantastic whilst becoming your favorite.

Meanwhile, it is pertinent to be aware that this homemade syrup can be used as a spread on toast or any other way you wish to use it. However, it is advisable not to consume it with a stack of pancakes as the combination isn’t healthy enough as meals.


What do you tend to benefit from the syrup?

Consuming only two tablespoons of this mixture everyday will certainly perform a wonder. You can choose to take a teaspoon in the morning after waking up from bed and another teaspoon in the night when you are set to sleep. This dosage should be done for at least three weeks before going for a break for few days.

Some of the health benefits of this recipe are:

  • There will be adequate supply of energy in the body due to the presence of honey
  • There will be energy boost for a long period of time because of sucrose and fructose that is contained in the recipe.
  • The horseradish present will provide you with calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and vitamins. This will enhance metabolism and reduce fat in the body system.
  • Since there is adequate supply of energy to the body system by this recipe, you won’t need to consume snacks too often which will help you balance your diet.


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