Simple Homemade Pregnancy Test You Should Try and Do

Simple Homemade Pregnancy Test You Should Try and Do

You might be wondering whether you have conceived or just feeling strange, you can easily check the status by using homemade methods. It is all over the internet and been said around that you can just check your pregnancy status right from your house without visiting any medical center or hospital.

These natural methods have been in use for long time and still effective till today. It can be done at home even by you with no stress. One great thing about this method is that there will be privacy that no one might really know what you are going through or doing.

Different types of pregnancy tests

There will be blood check for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) through blood or urine by pregnancy tests. By the time there is an implantation of an embryo in the uterus, the body will start to make hCG. That is the major reason why medical experts usually recommend either a blood or urine test in order to ascertain pregnancy test.

There are homemade methods you can use and it includes:

–         Shampoo: Put the urine inside a container and get another container. Put a little mixture of shampoo and water inside the second container to make it a soapy mixture. Pour the urine into the mixture and watch over it. In case it froths and foams, it means you are positive. That shows you are pregnant.

–         Sugar: This is the easiest methods amongst all tests and mostly used by women. Put one tablespoon of sugar inside a bowl and add one tablespoon of urine into it. Watch over how the sugar reacts inside the mixture and in case it dissolves quickly, you are negative but if it forms clumps, it is definitely positive. The hCG hormone that is released from urine won’t allow the sugar to dissolve properly.

–         Bleach: This method can give most accurate result and very quick. Get a clean and neat container and put urine inside it. Add some bleaching powder into it and mix it rigorously to avoid lumps. In case the mixture turn to a foam or fizz, it simply means you are pregnant and when there is no foam, it shows you are not pregnant.

–         Soap: There is no type of soap you can’t use for this process. Get a small piece of soap and put urine on it. You can now mix it and in case it foams or froth, kindly notes that you are pregnant and if it didn’t foam, you are not pregnant.  

–         Soda: Get 2 tablespoons of baking soda and pour the urine inside it. In a situation whereby the mixture bubbles when you open the soda bottle, be aware that you are pregnant.

–         Vinegar: Pour 1 cup of white vinegar into a plastic container and add ½ cup of urine to it. Give it time for like 5mins and observe how it reacts. When there is a change in color, then you are pregnant and if there is no change in color, you are not pregnant.


What does the research indicate?

There is no scientific basis for the methods stated above and no research study actually affirms them to be accurate ways for pregnancy tests. There are typically based on anecdotal evidence only.

You can make use of scientifically proven tests for pregnancy in order to avoid potential heartbreak and anxiety of a false result.

Here are some of early pregnancy symptoms:

In case you are anticipating pregnancy or not, there are some early symptoms or signs of pregnancy you should always take note. They include:

–         Fatigue

–         Bloating

–         A missed period

–         Tender or sore breasts

–         Nausea

–         Persistent desire to urinate

It is possible that these signs are related to other health conditions and that is why you should consider going for pregnancy test before making any conclusions.


It is true that everyone would love to go for a simple homemade pregnancy test rather than visiting stores to get kits. Meanwhile, kindly be aware that homemade pregnancy test isn’t scientifically proven and you can just try it out before using a proven method.

While wondering if you are pregnant or not, consult your doctor properly and go for pregnancy test in order to begin prenatal care. It is important for you to quickly detect if you are pregnant so that you can get the necessary care as at when needed.


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