See the Reason Why You Should Clean the Filter of Your Extractor Hood Using Coke

See the Reason Why You Should Clean the Filter of Your Extractor Hood Using Coke

You can easily clean your extractor hood in a simple and easy way without any stress. It is not always easy to clean your extractor hood most especially the oily and dusty filter. It might look simple to do but anytime you want to embark on such action, you just need to be calm and act like with the patience of a saint. It is not really fun and hence disgusting while doing it. However, you can be able to do this process easily with a simple trick that works effectively. You only need a coke.

Cleaning the filter of the extractor hood doesn’t require any talent but with the use of coke, you can easily make it neat and clean once again. Indeed, coke is not only a tasty drink for people but it also works as a miracle product with numerous benefits.


While a lot of people see coke as a drink to consume only, it also offers different purposes and performs a lot of wonders. Coke is very useful most especially when you want to clean any substance or item. You can make use of it to clean and tidy your toilet or probably descale your tea kettle. This is because the beverage possesses high level of chemical that make it easy to clean things. Perhaps, people aren’t aware of this property and hence underemphasizing it.

In fact, you can make use of coke to remove chewing gum from you or your children’s hair. You will only need to get a bowl and then pour a coke inside after which you can now put the piece of hair with the chewing gum inside it. You should leave it inside for some duration and it will be much easier to remove the gum.

Wash your hair with coke

Are you aware of the important benefit associated to washing your hair with coke? In case you haven’t done it before, it is worth trying if you truly want more voluminous hair. Washing your hair with coke will enable your hair to be less limp and hence create a messy structure in a nice way. Due to the high presence of acidity level in the coke, the hair scales will close and contract. It will also enable your hair to shine and it is a great deal and experience to give a trial.

However, we will be discussing how you can make use of coke to clean the filter of your extractor hood.



There is no gainsaying the fact that coke can clean a lot of stuffs and things you might not imagine. Since it is a caffeinated drink, you can make use of it to clean your sink, remove gum and even use it to shine your jewelry. In case of grease stains, you can remove it with the use of coke also. Let us now talk about the crux of this article which is the process to make use of coke in cleaning the filter of the extractor hood.

How does it work?

The process to wash extractor hood with coke is simple and easy. Firstly, you should remove the filter from the extractor hood and put it into a deep baking tray. Then pour coke over the filter and ensure it is totally submerged. Ensure the filter sit inside the coke for at least 20minutes. After that, you can now scrub the filter with a rough brush. When everything is done, it will now be easy for you to scrub all the dirt that is around the filter. Then, you can rinse off the filter with lukewarm water and you will have a nice look extractor hood once again.


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