What You Need to Know if Your Partner Has Anxiety & How to Help

What You Need to Know if Your Partner Has Anxiety And How to Help

What You Need to Know if Your Partner Has Anxiety & How to Help

It might be very stressful for people that are dating someone that have anxiety issues or an anxiety disorder. In fact, you might be feeling like the anxiety is a third person in the relationship that is liable to wriggles in between you and your partner.

Sadly, most people nowadays now suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder and it is important to know if your partner has anxiety and how you can be of help.

People that haven’t experience anxiety might not understand what people usually go through on a daily basis. Anxiety can cause different emotional conditions which can affect human’s life and they might not be treated fully but rather reduce the symptoms in most cases.

Those with anxiety usually believe they are strange amongst others and hence misunderstood as those without anxiety can make assumptions that are incorrect about them. Therefore, if you realize your partner has anxiety, it is better to know the following facts about them and help support them in the relationship.

Here are things you need to know if your partner has anxiety:

  1. They are physically, emotionally and mentally affected by anxiety: The effect of anxiety isn’t only limited to the brain and how it process information received as it also affect the emotionally and physical level of the body too. It usually birthed in connection to some factors such as genetics, personality, diet,

    environment and chemical imbalance in the brain. All those conditions will definitely make anxiety affect the physical body and hence cause different health challenges such as headache, cold sweats, insomnia, muscle and many more. This would place burden on the physical body and hence it affects the physical level. Also, anxiety is observed to produce stress and strain to the mental health due to high increase feeling of fear by one’s emotion. You will be able to manage the condition with your partner when you consider how you can help your partner feels frequently so that you can understand their plight and provide necessary support.
  2. They will experience depression: It is on record that majority of people with anxiety disorder usually suffer from depression. When you now have these two different disorders, it is obvious that such person would feel like being pulled into two different directions. Just like your partner is being told to eat food by anxiety and yet depression says not to eat. It is obviously not easy for anyone to manage these two disorders, your partner might be overwhelmed sometimes and it is important to manage it with adequate support. Anxiety is often connected to depression as the former could be a symptom of the later.
  3. Your partner would love to be alone for a long time: People with anxiety might find it difficult to stay on track with other people with regards social life and other lifestyles. Your partner might not have interest in hanging out or they choose to stay off going out to beach or cool place for weekend with you all time.

    It is however necessary that you respect their decision and support their wish. Anxiety would drains their energy and in most cases they will always feel exhausted and depleted that it will be hard for them to go out for any social life.

    It is true that your partner would always love to be with you but they might get tired easily when there is no break to it. You should consider giving them some time to be alone in order to reload and continue to be a good partner to you.
  4. They won’t be weak to love you: There are a lot of people with wrong notion that people with anxiety disorder will find it hard to love others or sustain a relationship. We all need to understand the fact that people with mental disorders have been too strong for too long and anxiety just came up as a result. Instead,

    the best thing you can do to your partner if they are experiencing anxiety is to support them and help them grow with your open ear and heart to their admiration and desires. Your partner might be a bit far to you sometimes or probably get preoccupied sometimes,

    you should be aware that they have a battle to fight in their mind every day and it usually takes a lot of time and energy which doesn’t mean they are not interested in you or not loving you. You only need to understand them and support them.
  5. Your partner need more than just attention: Some people might have erroneous belief that those with mental disorders only need attention which is not so. Be aware that your partner will need more than just ordinary attention if they suffer from anxiety,

    they definitely need you to show them love and compassion. It is not as if they are interested in seeing you organizing party or show pity to them but rather they are in dire need of your listening ears and perfect understanding of their thoughts.

    You should remember that it is not their wish to suffer from anxiety although it can be managed but nonetheless getting to know what they need is best. Some people usually respond better to meditation, some of them respond to yoga while cleaner diet would be more appropriate to other.

    You should help your partner find what is better for them and you should desist from condemning them for having disorder.


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