Here Is What Happen To Your Body When You Have a Broken Heart

There is unexplainable pain beneath any heartbroken victim. No one ever wish to be heartbroken most especially when the relationship is expected to bring glad tidings. However, it can happen to anyone and the simple truth is that we have all been into one break up or the other over time. These breakups usually leave a strong message in the heart which makes us feel like we had a broken heart.

Some people will even imagine like the world has come to end perhaps due to trust and expectations accorded to such relationship. In fact, no one can actually quantify the amount or nature of pain attached to heartbroken victim because it will be as if there is a giant hole that was pummeled into the chest and there is no possibility of repair. Many people will choose to engage in different acts just to get rid of it, some would cry while some would scream and stay isolated. Some people would even decide to go to bars and take alcoholic drinks with their belief they’ve been cheated.

Heartbreak can get you drained and empty to the extent that it can take a physical toll on the body. So many health challenges can come up when heartbroken which could deteriorate over time if not properly checked and managed. It has been scientifically proven that broken heart can have physical effects on your entire body. According to the American Heart Association, “In broken heart syndrome, a part of your heart temporarily enlarges and doesn’t pump well, while the rest of your heart functions normally or with even more forceful contractions. Broken heart syndrome can lead to severe, short-term heart muscle failure”.

Here is what will happen to your body when you have a broken heart:

  1. Your weight will be affected: People that suddenly encounter heartbreak can experience lasting effects on the weight. However, it is determined by how you are able to manage the emotion and pass through the condition. There are some people that would only eat to enable them cope with their emotions. However, heartbreak can even make some people lose appetite to eat and they won’t be able to eat enough food throughout the day. To experience weight loss after heartbreak is not a common phenomenon to most people but it is possible. It is however advisable to have a planned meal after weight loss and keep to it which will enable you to keep the weight under control.
  2. It can cause depression: It is general that an end to a relationship could bring so many difficulties to people. In a situation whereby there is heartbreak, a great condition that comes forward is depression. This is a good reason why anyone with heartbreak needs to have someone to express themselves with. There should be a support system that would help them openly discuss their feelings and such act would reduce the chances of depression in the body.
  3. Sleeping disorder: Insomnia is mostly common for people with broken heart. When you experience heartbreak, you will find it difficult falling asleep and staying asleep. This is because you will be more stressed and when there is increment in the stress level of your body, you are prone to have mental challenges most especially sleep. People with broken heart often have more trouble falling asleep than normal. A great way to avoid that is to make sure you are able to lower your stress levels before you sleep as it will assist you from suffering a deficiency in sleep during heartbreak. You can decide to meditate, take tea and engage in exercise in order to lower stress levels in the body.
  4. It can weaken the immune system: It has been observed that heartbreak could affect immune systems of the body. It can however be as a result of stress as increase in stress level usually causes the immune system to be weak. This is because some people will start experiencing coldness or flu-like symptoms anytime they experience heartbreak, you can even get fatigued or sickly during such moment. You should consider taking foods that are effective in boosting immune system such as vitamins and other related nutrients. Also, engage in stress-relieving activities while trying to get rid of the broken heart.
  5. Heart break can cause physical pain: It is very true that people with broken heart can experience physical pain. This is due to the fact that emotional and physical pains are both processed in the same parts of the brain. You can only manage this pain when you follow some ways to cope about it. You should endeavor to perform physical activities such as yoga and exercise.

Final note:

Heartbreaking is a general phenomenon that can happen to anyone. It is very true that a lot of people go through heartbreak everyday and there are several ways to manage it. It has been observed that broken heart could have effect on the body and even minds and that is why you need to aptly deal with the symptoms. Ensure a good living by avoiding anything that can affect your health.


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