Do You Think You Are Pregnant? This Is All What You Need to Know

Do You Think You Are Pregnant? This Is All What You Need to Know

here are some signs of pregnancy that are easy to notice and most people usually go for pregnancy test when considering if they are actually pregnant or otherwise. However, there could be some early symptoms of pregnancy that may actually let you realize that you are pregnant and that is what you should look for.

Married couples won’t be eager to welcome babe to their midst and it is always their joy to start experiencing signs of pregnancy. It is good to know signs that can give insight about pregnancy by women and they always wish to also have a big round belly that carries their baby therein.

Meanwhile, before you have the big belly that will indicate you are pregnant, it is important for you to know some signs that will firstly show up in your body and they include:

  • Headaches: In a situation whereby you realize persistent headaches even after drinking enough water and not even anxious or feeling stressed, it could be a sign of pregnancy. People that are pregnant will experience a lot of headaches and it will affect the body system. Meanwhile, not anyhow headache could be associated to pregnancy and you should observe it and conclude the persistency.

  • Spotting and cramping: Spotting and cramping can occur when the fertilized eggs attached itself to the wall of the uterus after conception. It is usually regarded as implantation bleeding and a great sign of pregnancy. It usually happen when it has reached 6 to 12 days that the eggs have fertilized in the body.
  • Breast changes: This is another great sign of pregnancy whereby the breast begins to swollen up or probably sore at a week or two later after conception. Pregnancy could cause the breasts to become bigger and the area the nipple which is known as areola could become dark or change its color. However, it will take the women few weeks for their body to get used to the new levels of hormones formed due to the pregnancy.
  • Frequent urination: When you can‘t do without going to toilet and urinate often and often then it could be as a result of pregnancy. You will have the quest to visit bathroom all time and by the time you are 8 or more weeks pregnant, the uterus in your body will presses against your bladder and this will make you to urinate a lot. If you are experiencing something of this nature, be calm that you are pregnant and should be expecting a baby.

  • Regular cravings: Do you feel like eating and eating over again? Do you see yourself going for another plate of fried rice and chicken even after eating a chocolate bar not too long? It is not a case to worry about, if you are someone that feel hungry even after eating a big meal, it could means something about your health. It tells that you are pregnant. Reminiscence the past few weeks and check out if you truly crave for more meals like you are presently experiencing, it might be a proper time for you to go for pregnancy test.

  • Change in moods: Women are often noticed to experience mood swings most and it might be time for you to understand the causes of what you are presently going through. Do you feel like crying and then feel happy for a short while which will still be followed by another cry? Such mood changes could be a great sign that you are pregnant. Perhaps you are someone that only cry a bit when something very miserable happens but now it is very easy for you to cry over a little thing or scenario, it is appropriate for you to go for pregnancy test as you might be pregnant.

  • Run down: Have you ever experience a situation whereby you will keep doing your normal thing and usual activity and suddenly feel tired and exhausted? It could be a sign of pregnancy because it takes a lot of energy when you are pregnant. You will just be tired for any little thing you could perfectly do before. Indeed, feeling run-down is a good sign of pregnancy and if you are feeling it as discussed, you should check on your doctor to take you on a pregnancy test.

  • Overdue: When last did you see your monthly period? It is now taking longer than usual? Perhaps it could be as a result of pregnancy. However, pregnancy isn’t the only reason for late menstrual cramps and that is why you should consider going for pregnancy test in order to confirm if you are truly pregnant or not.

  • Vomiting: When you nausea beyond ordinary, people would see you as someone not healthy and it could be as a result of pregnant and not other health ailments. Vomiting always without knowing the cause is greatly known to be a sign of pregnancy and it could be positive news you have been anticipating for.


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