Are Your Hands Looking Old? This Is All What You Need to Know

Are Your Hands Looking Old? This Is All What You Need to Know

Are Your Hands Looking Old? This Is All What You Need to Know

While aging is a natural process that occurs to every individuals, your hands might start looking older due to some bad habits. Your body will start to change as you age which typically includes your hands but some conditions might birth the old look of your hands which you should consider checking out.

While it is normal to grow old, no one really wish to let people tell their age from their hands and the bitter truth is that your beautiful, strong and nice looking hands from youthful age won’t remain there forever, this make it imperative for everyone to get to know about ways they can be able to prevent the aging of the skin.

It is studied that some daily activities done by us usually make our hands to look older than we really are and it is possible to circumvent or probably get the apt solution to it. Surprisingly, most people regular take care of their face as they age and yet neglect the hands.

Important tips to help prevent the hands from aging:

Disinfectant gel: Are you someone that seriously has the fear of germs? Then you should consider making use of some disinfectant gel on a daily routine. It will make it possible for your hands to fight against germs and this product is said to contain large amount of alcohol which will help make your skin really dry. The gels would enable your hand to be dry and wrinkly much quicker when you use it and also it is important not to use much of the gels and perhaps try using it on the palms of your hands only.

Nail salon: Do you really love to visit salon to help get your nails done? Then it is possible your hands had once been under a UV lamp. This is seriously discouraging as the light would only make the skin around your hands to look older. Instead of regular visit to the salon place, it is important for you to limit your visit and why not just consider getting yourself a manicure at home? This will be convenient, save cost and other risk factors you might be prone to at the salon. You can just get a few flask of quality nail polish and the story will change for good.

At the dish: Do you own dishwater at home? If No, then there is no way you can escape not washing dishes by yourself. Pathetic enough, those detergent you make use to wash dishes could be harmful to your hands as it can cause the skin around the hands to dry out. However, you can make use of hand gloves that are made with rubber to wash your dishes instead of putting your bare hands into the water. Meanwhile, your hands will be doing you somehow while washing the dishes with rubber gloves but it is helpful to your hands. The intent is to safe your hands which would be done by making use of rubber gloves.


Washing of hands: If you make use of any soap just to wash your hand after doing any task or chore, you are probably allowing your hands to get really dry. It is however recommended for you to make use of PH neutral soap while trying to wash your hands. Before you buy any soap, read through the label and ensure the soap has PH’s value. Soap with PH’s value usually helps to clean the hands and make the skin less dry.

Sunscreen: While it is a statement of fact that people use to make use of sunscreen on the legs and arms when the sun is out and burning, how many people do really make use of sunscreen for hands too? Indeed few, we should all remember that while going out, the hands and face are exposed to the sun together when if you didn’t make use of sunscreen, your hands will grow older much quicker than expected. Therefore, endeavor to remember purchasing a sunscreen for your hands during your next shopping outing.

Takeaway to ensure a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent aging skin:

  • If you are a smoker, quite smoking
  • Ensure you drink a lot of water everyday
  • Make sure you sleep at least up to 7hours every night
  • Always engage in physical exercise
  • Eat a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables

Health is Wealth, Maintain It!


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