Why You Need to Sprinkle Sugar in Your Garden

Why You Need to Sprinkle Sugar in Your Garden

Why You Need to Sprinkle Sugar in Your Garden

The importance of sugar is far beyond its sweet taste. You can also use it to keep your gardens safe and healthy. Sugar can be a good option for environment ambience and it can be used to control those root nematodes that usually hide inside the soil which can also help kill unwanted weeds.

Another importance of sugar is that it is very safe to use even around children compared to when using insecticides or hard chemicals.

Food products

Although it is very rare these days that there can be any food products or dish that doesn’t need sugar. Sugar can be used for major things even things that aren’t associated to sweetness. It is possible for you to know the component in most cases but it might be a surprise to some people when they know how much the amount of sugar was contained in their favorite products. Meanwhile, it is possible that some products contain hidden sugar components whereby you can get to know about it only when you carefully look at the label and read through. Although, sugar is never a bad thing to use and it usually comes with some benefits and essence. You can keep reading as this article unveils what you need to know about how useful sugar could be.

Garden Use

Hope you are aware that there are other importances of sugar aside consuming it? Yes, we have different ways to make use of sugar and it could be useful for some handy tricks. Taking for example, you can mix some of sugar with the soil in your garden which will definitely bring out some great effects. Sugar been used at the garden is a very good source of energy as it also help to allow good bacteria grow up. Also, it usually connect some nutrients and chemicals to your soil and very ideal for your soil.

How to use sugar for nematode control

Sugar can be used to control nematode and the following process should be taken:

  • Make sure you check through the roots of wilted because most of the dying plants for knots on the roots are usually caused by nematode feeding.
  • You can then measure the square footage of the garden in order for you to determine the amount of sugar you will need in the process. For every 250 square feet, you should use a rate of 5 pounds of white table sugar.
  • After that, you can then dissolve the sugar in the water by using a rate of 1 gallon of water for every half cup of sugar. Then you can now pour the sugary solution directly on the soil that is around the plants. Those microorganisms that will be beneficial to the course will be able to consume the sugar and increase the amount of organic matter in the soil; this will then enable a possibility of getting a hostile environment for nematodes.

How to use sugar for weed killing

  • You firstly need to get a molasses which is a byproduct obtained during the refining process of sugar
  • You will now mix a cup of liquid molasses in 1 gallon of water
  • Then you should drench the weeds with the sticky solution and ensure that there is a thorough coating around the stems and foliage of the unwanted plants.
  • You can now repeat the process with a fresh solution in 7 to 14days if necessary.


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