Tips to Follow If You Want Your Washing Machine to Last Much Longer

Tips to Follow If You Want Your Washing Machine to Last Much Longer

Tips to Follow If You Want Your Washing Machine to Last Much Longer

The process to make your washing machine last much longer isn’t rocket science and it is very possible for you to carry it out. People rely on washing machine to help keep clothes clean and neat, however, the best thing to do is to ensure the machine is keep too.

It is important to maintain the machine as poor maintenance can lead to poor clothes cleaning results that might be even lead to leaking and probably breakage. The bitter truth is that it is very hard to comprehend nowadays that there is actually any house without a washing machine. It is very efficient to use as you only need to put your clothes inside, add detergent to it and turn the machine on. The next thing you will witness is that your cloth will come out fresh and clean as it can be again. However, you can’t get washing machine for cheap price and that is much reason why you should look into how the machine can last long and effective. Meanwhile, it is possible for you to do that; you only need to take good care of it.

Now, how can you ensure this machine is clean and tidy always? There are some tips you can follow which will help you properly clean and maintain your washing machine. However, the first thing you should do is to read the machine’s instructional manual to have more insight about how to operate the machine. Then, you can now follow the handy tips and your machine shall be able to running smoothly for many years to come.

  • Door: The first thing you need to do is to always ensure you leave the machine’s door opened every time you used it. In a case whereby you close the door after used, there will be leftover of water inside the machine and it will remain inside for much duration and this can lead to the growth of mould and bacteria inside the drum of the machine. Therefore, the best way to avoid such from happening is to ensure that the door is always open after used.
  • Make sure you clean the washing machine: It is important that you clean your washing machine at least once in a month. To carry it out effectively, you can make use of a bleach-free wash cleaner and this will properly clean the drum of the machine and help fight dirty and musty odors. Also, you should endeavor to run the machine empty on a hot cycle.
  • Machine’s position: Another great thing you should focus is the level of your machine. Ensure that it is on a standing level so that you can enjoy using it. If otherwise, the vibrations of the machine can actually damage your floors and in fact some of the important parts of the machine can wear out prematurely such as the shock absorbers and tub bearings. Therefore, it is important that you place a level on top of the washing machine and adjust the feet of the machine until it stands completely. You can also make use of a piece of plywood that is a bit larger than the washing machine and such plywood would at least help you absorb the vibrations while operating the machine.
  • Hoses: Most of the washing machines usually come with black and rubber hoses. These hoses can get fragile with time and could even tear off which can lead to flood. Therefore, always watch after the hoses and replace it with sturdier steel hoses as you continue to use the machine. When you are able to do that, it will enable you to prevent your machine against breakdown that is not expected. In fact, if it is not fixed, it might later consume heavily on your pocket and affect your budget.

Also, some other tips and instructions you should focus on include:

  • Check out the detergent drawer: It is possible that your clothes aren’t properly washed due to the fact that the detergent drawer might collect some excess detergent and that is why it is important for you to separate the detergent drawer. You can simply take out the detergent drawer and then soak it in warm water and remove any noticeable residue with an old toothbrush.
  • Clean behind the rubber bands: While trying to clean the drum of the machine, you should firstly look into how you can thoroughly clean behind the rubber bands that run around the drum. Simply wash out any debris noticed and spray it with an anti-bacterial spray for effective use.
  • Always ensure the filters are clean and empty
  • Always clean the drum


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