Tips on How to Keep Your Lawn Green All throu

Tips on How to Keep Your Lawn Green All throughout the Year

Tips on How to Keep Your Lawn Green All throughout the Year

There are some certain rules you should adopt when considering keeping your lawn green even in a perfect shape. So if you are one of the people that have beautiful green lawn and wish to keep it in such way with beautification. It is very possible for you to do that and this is what this article entails.

Every family would love to work all through and ensure that their lawns are finely manicured and neatly mown. However, there might be situations that would affect this beautiful desire maybe when there is drought or probably when the temperature is hot. The simple truth is that this weather is bound to happen naturally and it is now possible for you to manage this condition and have a nice looking and beautified laws at your house. Regardless of the amount of water you pour out to your lawn, you should focus on the golden rules that would help it look green always.

What Does The Golden Rule Implies?

The amount of water isn’t really necessary in this condition; you should rather be looking towards the length of the blades of grass because they play important role in this aspect and very pivotal to the health of your lawn. Most people usually cultivate the habit of cutting quite a bit of length anytime they mown the lawn and such process is inimical in the sense that they won’t be able to mow again quite so soon as the grass get shorter. Meanwhile, it is rather advisable that grass at your lawn is a bit longer rather than shorter. This process will enable you to have a nice looking lawn rather as long as possible. If you can get a length of 5 to 7 centimeter for the grass, it is perfectly okay for your lawn.

Green Grass

One of the major reasons why you should allow your grass to grow a little bit longer is because the grass will keep dehydrating anytime you cut it short and it will enable brown spots to have access to the grass as those spots will quickly appear on the grass during warm and dry weather when it is too short. In a process whereby the grass grows a little bigger, the roots will be able to grow deeper into the earth and the blades will become stronger and greener. In a situation whereby you mow the grass too short, it is possible for the roots to get damaged. Therefore, go for higher grass as it is also important for biodiversity due to the fact that it can enable more variety and attract more small and pollinating insects. There is no one that doesn’t desire to have a healthy and green lawn which is also good for the nature.


Give your lawn extra boost

This is another tip you can use to greener your lawn. In this process, you will need to allow the freshly mown grass on the lawn for a period of time. Therefore, the grass will only need 30% less fertilizer to grow and also causes less water to evaporate. It indicates that the grass can actually go without being sprinkled for longer. This is very good for the environment and your lawn will also have a nice experience.

Meanwhile, it is also important to look into factors that can let your lawn lose its healthy and green appearance. Part of it includes:

  • When there is improper watering of the grass
  • When the mowing is very poor and improper
  • Insects or disease
  • If there is excess traffic

So, when you now understand some conditions that can affect your lawn, it is then important to know other habits you should always consider aside those discussed above.

Habits you should follow in having a healthy and greener lawn:

  • Be mindful of your watering habits whereby you should always endeavor to soak the grass during dry spells, always water the grass in the morning time, pay attention to the route the water goes, don’t water the grass during rain and avoid using hot water.
  • Let your grass be longer by not cutting it short
  • Take care of the weeds where noticed
  • Aerate your lawns
  • Maintain your mower
  • Don’t mow when it is sunny


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