Should I Consider Refinancing My Student Loan

Should I Consider Refinancing My Student Loan?

Should I Consider Refinancing My Student Loan?

Several factors such as interest rates and other financial bills can make you think of refinancing your student loans. Meanwhile, the bulk of the load lies on how you can effectively manage the condition with ease and this article shall tell you more about it.

So many students usually have debt profile and in fact it is on record that there exist more student loan debt even than credit card debt. It is a clear indication that most students make use of loans and the best thing to do is by knowing how to succesfully manage the student loan easily and more affordable. It is on that note that we shall be discussing on how to refinance student loans that can would enable students to save thousands of dollar over the life of the loan. It is very possible to carry this out when students are able to follow ways/steps outlined in this article.

The simple truth is that refinancing of student loan can make life more easier and comfortable beacause it will consolidate multiple loans into one, low-interest and monthly payment. In such case, you will have opportunity to have savings (extra money) and even pay off the student loan quicker when you get a refinance loan at a lower interest rate that what you are presently paying.

We would love to talk about when it is appropriate for you to refinance your student loan and also when you shouldn’t. also, we will discuss about the steps to follow that will ease your quest in refinancing your student loans. Therefore, let us firstly talk about what you should have understanding about before you refinance your student loan.

When You Shouldn’t Refinance

It is true that refinance of student loans can help you to organize multiple student loans, such act can also pull you out of different important programs that federal loans offer.

Don’t refinance if:

  • You wish to qualify for federal forgivenss programs: Those federal loans would give you opportunity to have access to federal forgiveness programs whereby it will help you pay off your student loan debt. When you choose to refinance, it means you decide to pay off your old loans with a new loan by a private authority rather than the federal government. This shows that if you perform this process, you won’t be able to access federal repayment offer.
  • When you want a repayment plan based on your income: This is another process whereby you will pay as you earn which means the amount you will used to repay your loan over time will depend on how much your income is. In this regard too, if you refinance your loan through a private company, you won’t be able to have access to this payment plan just like federal loan forgiveness program.
  • When you have a poor credit: It will be hard for you to be qualified for refinancing when you have a bad credit. However, the only way out to bad credit is getting a co-signer and it will be hard to get with student loans because it means the person will accept to pay the total amount of student debt you owe when you fail to make payment.

When Is It Appropriate To Refinance Student Credit

Since we have talked about conditions that won’t make it appropriate for you to refinance your student loan, let us now talk about when you can refinance it.

  • When you have a stable income and good credit: It is true that the earlier you are able to refinance your loan, the more you will save on interests of your loans. In fact, a high credit score shows that you have a good interest rate. This shows that if you are able to get a lower interest rate on time, you will be able to pay off the loan and even save some money on interest payment.
  • When you have other loans with high interest rates: You have opportunity to save on interest when you are able to refinance student loans sooner rather than later. This is because the interest on your loan will keep going up since the rate bank charge each other and this rate is mostly effective on private loans. Federal students loans do not longer operate with such rate and you will be able to have a fixed rate that can’t be changed.
  • When you have multiple, expensive loans: If you have expensive loans and large debt profile, you can just refinance your student loans because the lenders will offer lengthy plans that will allow you to pay a small amount with interest rate.

Can You Know Refinance Your Student Loans?


Before you can make this decision, carry out the following:

  • Look into your credit: You need to know if your credit score is adequate enough for you to qualify for refinancing loan and there are different online sites that can allow you to do that with ease. You can check sites like Credit Sesame or Credit Karma.
  • Make sure your debt-to-income ratio is low: The moment you are generating income which is more than what you have in your debt profile, it is a remarkable progress. When you combine your debts and realize your debt-to-income percentage is low, you can go for refinancing.

How to boost your student loan refinancing:

  • When you refinance your student loan to get the lowest rate possible: It is possible that you are unable to get the best rate when you firstly applied for student loan, you can simply refinance it whereby you will be able to replace your higher interest rate loan with a lower interest rate laon. This will afford you opportunity to save some money over the lifetime of your loan.

Where To Refinance Your Student Loans?

Since you are now certain that it is possible for you to refinance your student loan, there are numerous loan providers you can choose and make use. The following recommended lenders would enable you to carry out the task effectively and they include:

  • Earnest: This allows you to refinance your student loan as they offer closest to an income-based repayment plan. With them, you can set your monthly repayment and they also offer other services such as built-in employment protection.
  • Sofi: This company is very effective in refinancing student loans. However, Sofi offer tough criteria test before you can be accepted and they usually require a good credit score and a low debt-to-income ratio. The company also offer other features such as career support, unemployment protection and they operate both federal and private loans which is uncommon to other lenders. With Sofi, you can get loan rate as low as 2.43%. Therefore, those that have a very nice job and a good history of reliable loan payments will easily refinance studnent loans with sofi at a very competitive rate.


The best step to take first is by knowing if it is appropriate for you to refinance student loans or not. However, people that have good job and better credit will find it easy to refinance student loans.


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