How to Place Your Fan to Cool Down Your Bedroom

How to Place Your Fan to Cool Down Your Bedroom

How to Place Your Fan to Cool Down Your Bedroom

It is the season of heat again and you are planning to have a better experience without much stress. Your fan can help you beat the heat and let your bedroom get cool down. However, you should know that there are ways and specific positions you can place your fan to enable you achieve the dream goal of cooling your room.

Everyone loves to be comfortable and when you are in a hot temperature, it is important to see how you can pass through the weather condition. Most people don’t want the situation when the house get hot or when it is too sunny which might cause some real frustration or discomfort. Meanwhile, if these issues are affecting you, be calm as you can make use of fan and get rid of what disturbs you.


Summer is a nice moment with fascinating experience. It offers warm weather and it is however possible that home gets uncomfortably hot in some cases. Things might cool off at night during summer but the bitter truth is that the heat usually remains inside houses whereby people will be left with no option than to sleep in a pretty tropical temperature. You might choose to power your air condition device or probably find a temporary place to sleep, it is however not comfortable and time consuming. It is possible for you to simply push hot air outside the house and get cool air inside in return. It is very possible and simple to do.

Fan: What you only need to possess in order to carry out this process is just to get fan. Meanwhile on a normal circumstance, you will only need to place a fan in a way that the air will be blowing towards yourself (such as when you are at a corner of your room) but with this trick, you will have to place it in a very different way.

Cool air: Have you been experiencing hot bedroom that is not conducive and convenient for you to sleep? Then you should decide to make use of the cool outside air. You will firstly need to open the window of your bedroom and then place a big fan in the doorway to your bedroom (You need to make sure that the door is opened). Meanwhile you need to make sure that the fan isn’t facing the room but rather the other way. This means that the fan will be blowing the air to the hallway but be sure the fan is on the highest setting to enable it speed very well. Doing that, the fan will be able to suck the warm air out of the room and this will lead to difference in air pressure which will in return cause the cool that is outside to be sucked into the room. The process is as simple as that.

This trick can be performed at any room in your house and you can also decide to place the fan in front of the window.

Other ways you can cool down a room include:

  • Use of ice
  • The use of cotton sheets on the bed
  • Strategically open your window
  • Take a cold shower
  • Stay hydrated
  • Sleep in the basement if you have any
  • Have a cold feet