Ways You Need To Follow To Learn How To Drive On Budget

Ways You Need To Follow To Learn How To Drive On Budget

Ways You Need To Follow To Learn How To Drive On Budget

Everyone wish to own a car and have good ride with it. Car is essential for easy transporting and in case of emergency. Learning to drive is very cool as you will be able to move to anywhere you wish at your desired time. Should in case you don’t know how to drive, you might be searching for someone to drive you which sometimes can lead to disappointment.

Many people are willing to know how to drive most especially teenagers in the UK which motivate most people to have their license as soon as they are up to 17years of age. Meanwhile, the task of learning to drive is not as cheap as you might think and it can consume your budget if not properly taken care of. The quest to know how to drive effectively keeps increasing as people wish to be totally independent and to drive to any location of their choice without third party,

It is most likely to be expensive when going for this skill as there are a lot of things to purchase or pay for before you can be a certified driver. However, you can learn how to drive with ease and there won’t be much consumption on your budget. If you are one of those willing to learn how to drive on budget, you are reading the right piece as this article shall explain what you need to know about driving and how you can learn driving with no or little cost. It also explained what you are expected to obtain as a driver. Therefore, you are ready to read to how you can pass your driving test on a budget with this article.

Why Do You Need to Learn Driving?

Some people might be wondering the essence of learning how to dive forgetting that it offers a lot of advantages. It is undisputed that when you are able to have a driving license and experience, you would have privacy and be independent of anybody. This shows that you won’t disturb yourself by waiting for someone to drive you out or give you a lift. In a case whereby your friends can’t drive, you easily become their favorite as they will always enjoin you to drive them round and move together with them. Another great thing about having a driving license is that it can help you boost your CV as there are many organizations that now request from graduates if they have driving license as a prerequisite before being employed. This shows that with your driving license, you stand a better chance to be employed amidst your peers. You need to know that driving can assist you by reducing the money you will spend on commuting. This shows that it is cost effective as you will be able to spend less with your car rather than going for public transport always.

What Is The Cost of Learning How To Drive?

Driving lesson can cost up to £20 – £30 a pop. While you have to pass both theory and practical test, it can totally cost you up to £919 – £1,340 if you choose to learn for 40hours of lesson. We only decided to state this for you to know how much it cost to learn how to drive. So you can continue to read and learn how you can do it with cheap cost rather than the hefty price tag.

What Do You Need To Have To Learn How To Drive?

The first thing you need to have before you can learn how to drive is provisional license. The cost of this license varies depending on how you decided to apply for it. You are not permitted by law to drive around with possessing provisional license and in fact you still need to show your provisional license to your assessor in case you decided to learn how to drive in a private land. This means that if you are passionate about learning how to drive, you just need to have a provisional license. There are two ways you can follow to apply for the license:

i.                    Online: You can apply for it online and it usually take up to 1week before it arrives. The cost of applying for provisional license online is £34.

ii.                  Post:  You can choose to apply for your license through post. You only need to walk to any nearby Post Office and fill the D1 form. This process usually takes up to 3weeks and the cost of applying for it is £43.

So when you are able to obtain your provisional license, you can now start to learn on how to drive. If you so wish, you can buy your personal car and use it to learn or you use your instructor’s car for the learning.

What Does Driving Lesson Stand For?

After you are able to get your provisional license, the next thing for you is to get a good instructor and commence the driving lesson. You need to go for approved instructor and not anyhow person. Although, we are all different with regards to learning as people easily understand than each other, it is with that regards that no minimum number of lessons is required or specified but Driving Standard Agency (DSA) recommended that you need to have up to 44hours of professional lesson before you can have your test.

What You Need To Know About Theory Test?

Another great aspect you need to focus on is the theory part. People often forget that you can’t go for practical test without passing the theory test. It is therefore pertinent to note that you need to focus on how to pass the theory test in order to go for practical test. This test usually cost up to £23 and it usually consists of two sections whereby the first one is all about multiple-choice questions and the second phase is with regards to hazard perception exercise. In order to pass this stage, you need to be prepared and get ready for the test.    

Meanwhile, while preparing for this test, there are materials online that you can revise with and in fact your instructor should also help you with physical and online materials you can read from. You can also check out Theory Test Pro as it will even enable you to have free practice tests online. You can also download the Driving Test Success app as it will give you more insights about theory test.

How You Can Get Cheap Driving Lessons:

As we’ve been discussing so far, driving isn’t an easy task as you have to go through some stages which might be consuming your budget. However, we have highlighted some ways you can follow to get cheap driving lessons and some of them are as thus:

1.      Meet With The Instructor Directly: A great way to have a driving lesson that will be a bit cheap is by meeting the instructor directly rather than going through a large company. For example, when your friends recommend a driving instructor that works for a particular driving school, instead of going through the driving school, it is advisable to directly approach the instructor and declare your interest. This is due to the fact that driving schools will definitely charge those instructors a percentage of their earnings if the booking is directly from them but if you meet with the instructor personally, he or she may offer you discount and they won’t have to give anybody money as employers like the companies would do. In a case whereby no one was able to recommend any driving instructor for you, you can simply search for them on Google by typing “best driving instructor in my area”, it will get you some listed of instructors that you need to contact.

2.     Purchase Your Driving Lesson In Bulk: It is clearly evident that driving lessons are cheaper when you buy them in bulk. As we discussed above, you can start to pay for the 5 or 10 lessons at first and when satisfied with the instructor, you can purchase the remaining in bulk.

3.     Choose Two-Hour Lessons: There are only two durations for driving lessons which are one-hour lesson and two-hour lesson. The effective and preferable one is two-hour lesson as it is often less in cost than one-hour lesson. Another good thing about two-hour lesson is that you will have enough time to improve in your skills and learn simple things and styles easily due to your ability to try over and over during the lesson time.

4.     Let Your Friend or Family Member Teach You: As it is obvious that the quicker you learn, the quicker you pass which means there would be fewer lessons you will have to spend money on then it is good to look for friends or family member to teach you driving. This will enable you to learn it easily and for free. However, professional instructors are acquainted with what you need to know while driving that will make you to easily pass the test such as always checking your blind spots and mirrors. But your friend or family might even not realize they are not doing all these as they’ve been neglecting it for it which might be transferred to you too.



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