How You Can Save Money on Sanitary Products

How You Can Save Money on Sanitary Products

How You Can Save Money on Sanitary Products

It is evident that sanitary products might be consuming your budget monthly and it is necessary for you to use them. This means you actually need to look for ways you can manage this situation without overlapping. There are indeed supermarkets and other brands that can offer sanitary products at affordable prices which will really reduce the cost you spent on them.

The cost of maintaining your health might seem adding up with the necessity of purchasing sanitary products but there are ways you can go about it that will be effective and cost reducing. It is on record that women might use up to 22 sanitary products for a period which means that a woman could use different products for their menstruation and most of the sanitary pads only have 14 or less inside. This means that women actually spend money towards this condition which is even monthly. How interesting could it be for you to manage this situation in such a way that it won’t cost you much? It is very possible and this article shall suffice. This article shall talk about what you should know about sanitary products and ways/tips you can follow to have a cost effective menstrual period.

This shows that there are methods or recommendations that will help you reduce the money you will spend on sanitary products which shall be outlined in this article, in a nutshell, you are reading the right article if you have been looking for how to cut down the cost of purchasing sanitary products which will help you to save money. Also, you will be able to read through about different types of sanitary products with this article.

How Much Do A Period Cost?

Indeed, the cost of periods is surprising to the extent that there are high numbers recorded when calculating the cost of periods. According to a report in 2018 by Labour MP – Danielle Rowley, it was recorded that the cost of periods for women in a year is amount up to £500. This figure seems a bit high considering the fact that you also need to spend on other products such as underwears, jewelries, chocolates and many more. In order to effectively calculate the cost of periods women undergo yearly, we need to know that menstrual cycle are usually 28days long which shows that women use to have close to 13periods in a year. However, it has been estimated that the average woman spends £4,800 in her lifetime on periods, using around 10,500 products for 480 periods (if she doesn’t have any children). This works out at around £130 a year, or £10 a period. As we can see, this amount might consume much on a budget which many women might find it a bit difficult to afford. Nonetheless, be rest assured that there are ways you can go about it that will cost you less and have nice moments, you need to just keep reading.

Sanitary Products That Are Cheap:

In the bid to make menstruation exercise effective for women, it is good we state some of the sanitary products to be used that are cheaper than others. The well known brands like Always and Tampax are generally acceptable across but you can also limit yourself to your own brands that you easily get at your nearest supermarkets.

The first listed brand products that can help you save money during menstruation is Always sanitary towels with the following categories:

  • Tesco Essentials Maxi Towels
  • ASDA Protect Ultra Normal Sanitary Towels
  • Morrisons Normal Ultra Towels
  • Tesco Free Spirit Maxi Towels Regular

When you are able to get any of the listed products, it will ease your process and in further steps, there are other sanitary products that would be efficient if you can get the cheapest and we shall list them below.

Tampons That Are Really Cheap: Sometimes you can get tampons that is more costly than pads and that is why it is expedient we bring out the cheapest for you to get discount on and go for the best deal. You need to know that it is very important for you to get tampons as it is a good option that is very comfortable to use. What you only need to do is by getting the right place to get them which might even come with lesser prices. Some of the cheapest tampons include:

  • ASDA Protect Super Non Applicator Tampons x32
  • ASDA Protect Super+ Non Applicator Tampons x24
  • Sainsbury’s Tampons, Non Applicator Super Plus x24
  • Tesco Super Plus Non Applicator Tampons x24

Menstrual Cups That Are Cheap To Get: One good thing about this product is that it is reusable although a bit costly. When you are able to get it, it can save you money in the long run as you don’t need to still purchase it again since you’ve brought one. However, the only way you can achieve this is by taking proper care of it. When you always wash and clean menstrual cups, you can use it for years when stored properly. The good aspect about these cups is that instead of them to absorb blood just like tampons, they rather collect it when you insert them in a similar way to tampons. The cup is made up of soft silicate and you can wear it for up to 8hours. The brands of cheapest menstrual cups you can get are Mooncup, DivaCup and Ruby Cup from the cup effect.

Reusable Pads That Are Cheap: Another great products that you need to check out is reusable pads are just mainly like the normal sanitary pads, however the good thing about reusable pads is that you can reuse it by just washing and wearing it over again. It is a good way of saving some money as you won’t have to keep buying often only that it requires a bit effort from you. In order to enjoy this, you have to be committed by washing it regularly. As we all know, there are different kinds of reusable pads that you can be used for heavy, medium or light flows. There are supermarkets that offer brands of this product that are cost effective, some of which are Precious Stars and Earthwise Girls where you can get your reusable pads with cheap prices.

Periods Pants That Are Cheap: Periods pants which are often referred as menstrual underwear is very effective during menstruation for women because it contains hidden protection that can help you to stop leaks. As we all know that pants can be washed and wear again generally, you can also wash periods pants and wear them over again just like the case of reusable pads. Some of the brands that offer cost effective period’s pants include Pretty Clever Pants, Modibodi and Flux Undies.

Ways You Can Save Money on Sanitary Products:

  1. Go For Supermarket-Own Brand Items: You actually save money when you are able to check out to own brands. You can test out the store’s brand and save some money. In a case whereby your favorite is Always, you can just go for the desired products when your flows are heavy and look for cheap brands when your flows are light. It will definitely help you to save some cash and it is worth doing.
  2. Check Online Resources That Offer Price Comparison: Just as we’ve done in this article by listing out cheap products that are necessary for you during menstruation. You might however be interested in buying something more comfortable like purchasing tampons with applicators, instead of you going out there to just make the purchase, you should first check out how much it is been sold by different stores as that you would allow you to have access to the cheapest and affordable price. You can search through online sites such as Sanitary Saver and get the best prices. Also, there are some mobile apps that can help you through which include MySupermarket.


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