Cheap Car Insurance For College Students

Cheap Car Insurance For College Students

As a college student, there are financial expenses that might drain you when there is no proper planning. This typically means that your needs at the college requires adequate budget to avoid recklessness and when you are able to overcome the challenges, you can have a standard lifestyle. Owing a car is generally known to be costly and when you are a car owner while being a student it is a strong cause for you to manage.

Although you need to pay for some expenses that are imperative as a student which might include payment for tuition fee, accommodation, learning materials and many more. But if you own a car as a student then you definitely need to have car insurance. This means that you need to look into applying for auto insurance as a student. Meanwhile, get this auto insurance is no doubt going to cost you much and affect your budget. It is agreed that you need this service and you are a student, the issue now is how you can get affordable auto insurance for your car as a student and when you are able to get auto insurance rates that are less cost, it will ease your studentship process.

Since premiums tend to consume a lot on your budget most especially if you are not yet a professional on road you need to therefore look for ways to manage this condition that will enable you to have significant reduction in car insurance premium. It is on that note that this article shall discuss what you need to know about car insurance as a student and ways you can toy that will enable you to have cheap premiums for car insurance.

What Is The Cost of Car Insurance?

Before you go for any form of car insurance, you firstly need to make sure you are able to choose a cover that is appropriate for your situation. So to get affordable premium, you should consider some things about your insurance package which include a) the level of the insurance cover you want, b) your own level of proneness to accident – this means the probability of you having accident and c) the insurance company you apply from.

How Can You Choose The Right Level of Car Insurance Cover?

We have 3 major types of car insurance cover that you can choose from and they shall be discussed thus:

i) Third Party Only: This type of insurance cover is all about damages and medical claims of other people. This means that this insurance cover is to take care of the listed damages that are caused by you. Meanwhile, when your own car get damaged, you will have to pay for the cost yourself which shows that only third party are taking care of through this insurance cover.

ii) Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance: This is another form of insurance cover that deals with payment of cost with regards to theft or fire accident. It is most likely the best type that is efficient for students. In fact, those that are living in the city and drive through to school can benefit greatly for this should incase of theft. But note that with this insurance cover, you still have to pay for any damages that might happen to your car if you actually caused the accident.

iii) Total Comprehensive Insurance: This type of insurance get you covered in all ramifications of accidents. If you got an accident with this insurance, your car, other people’s car and the medical bills are taking care of (to a certain extent). Therefore, people that are prone to accidents are advised to go for this insurance cover as it will take care of damages. You only need to be completely honest both with yourself and the insurer because honesty is very germane in insurance game. However, as a student you need to choose a good cover that would assist you with your budget, you might be thinking the cheapest option is the third party insurance because it offers the least amount but you need to know that it is better you opts for effectiveness. Students are reported to have savings up to £1000 with comprehensive insurance cover. You should just focus in getting the legitimate insurance companies and do your backgrounds check meticulously to avoid disappointment.

Factors You Need To Consider When Shopping For Car Insurance:

There are numerous variables you need to know and have insights about when you choose to go for any insurance company as there are so many things that are involved in whatever amount you pay for insurance. The process of inputting your necessary information such as your history/record, your car, your area of residence and others shall determine the price you are going to pay for car insurance as a student. When by entering the detailed data, those insurance companies would have analyze it and come up with the cost because they would know the risk of every residential area, nature of car, your habit of driving and many more. This shows that what you input shall determine what you pay and by shopping for car insurance that would be cost effective as a student; you should look into considering of the following factors:

  • What Coverage Do You Need: There is numerous coverage that might bill you beyond your stance and hence important for you to know how much coverage you need. Each state definitely charge different minimum and you need to abide to it, however you can deduce the nature of coverage you need through some guides and some of the factors that can help you do that include: a) If you have a lot of assets, do you have enough coverage to protect yourself? b) If you don’t have any assets, do you need as much coverage as you’re paying for? c) Are you getting all the discounts you’re eligible for? Therefore, when you are able to focus on these factors, you shall easily highlight the necessary coverage you need for your car insurance.
  • Your Car and Your History: Another great factor that can help you determine your coverage is through your vehicle and your history you input when shopping for affordable car insurance. This means that both the history and vehicle plays a very key role in how much you will pay for car insurance. This is in line with the fact that some vehicles will cost you more than others to insure.

Alternative for Low Mileage Driver:

Since we just discussed some factors that can be considered in selecting the coverage you need for car insurance, people that are low mileage driver can actually have more affordable insurance to go for. If you are a student and do not need to drive much, there are car insurance that won’t cost you much money and a good example of it is Metromile. Metromile is a car insurance company that offer pay by mile services. It is appropriate for students that don’t drive much on road, just for example if you are driving less than 6000 miles per year, you could be saving upwards of $600 or even more by switching. This is a great opportunity for student that don’t drive much just like when you are in the campus for like 8months a year, you don’t necessarily need to spend much on insurance. How it is work is through some processes which include: a) sign up with the company b) pay a small amount of fee monthly c) go for a low per-mile rate and d) plug in a small device to your car that will track your movements. After doing that, you are go to enjoy the scheme.

Car Insurance Comparison Scope: The moment you are able to choose your nature of coverage and the type of premium you want, what is left for you is to search for best deals. There are different comparison online resources that offer wide range of insurance companies deals. This means that you can use a site to find out what insurance company offers a good deal that you can go for. By doing this process, you need to note that price of deals by various companies you come across in order to choose the preferred one after the comparison. Some of the websites you can use include:

  3. CompareTheMarket
  4. Endsleigh

4 Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Car Insurance

Indeed, you can reduce the cost of your car insurance and it is a great way for people most especially students to have some savings. What you only need to do is by making sure you let the insurers realize that you can make them not to spend much on you. This means that you are giving them the confidence that you are a great driver and you always drive safe. Some ways you can imbibe include:

  • Request for Discount: Some insurance companies that seriously looking for students that will register with them and you can actually make use of that stance and make a good request. There are some discounts that you can opt for and you need to tell the insurers about it during the registration process. The three major forms of discounts are vehicle discounts, policy discounts and other discounts.
  • Go for High Excess: What high excess in car insurance stand for is the certain price you are willing to pay from your personal account when you are guilty of a crash. For example, as a student if your excess is $400 and you get in to a crash that cost up to $2000 of damage, you will need to pay the amount of $400 from your personal pocket before the insurance company will cover up the remaining repairs.
  • Don’t Put Modifications on Your Vehicle: You need to stay away from modifications such as neon lights or tinted glass on your car. The insurance company won’t be interested in partnering with you because they will feel your vehicle will look more attractive to thieves and also they might believe you are having amazing drive with your vehicle by revving your engine like a boy racer. Therefore, in order to get affordable insurance cost kindly put off modifications from your car.
  • Choose Appropriate Car: Another great way to have good car insurance is by taking your time to find a better car because the car you drive will determine your insurance premium. When you are able to choose a car with good performance, you will be able to have affordable insurance cost. This means the safer your car, the less you pay.

Some of Mistakes You Should Avoid:

  1. Don’t use any one as a main driver
  2. Don’t distort facts when you are applying for insurance
  3. Don’t auto-renew your policy
  4. Don’t under-insure yourself to get a lower premium
  5. Make sure you don’t go for the cheapest car insurance
  6. Don’t let your insurance run out


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