10 Ways To Save Money On Rents

10 Ways To Save Money On Rents

As a student, you can really save your money on rents and it isn’t illegal. There are ways you can follow that will enable you to have savings while in school with renting. Most universities students always desire to stay a bit away from home hence the need to get apartment around the school which usually comes with a price.

It is indisputable that part of what consume students’ money is rents because they all choose to have their privacy and hence spend money in getting an apartment. However, if you are a student and willing to have a rent at a cheap cost, you are reading the appropriate article as it will give you some tips on how you can go about it.

Being tired of spend much money on your current place might be the good reason why you need to limit your budget and check out some ways you can follow to cut some of your spending.

10 Ways To Save Money on Rents As A Student:

1.     Dodge Estate Agents and Their Fees: Letting fees is seriously a fee that usually affect people that are willing to get an apartment most especially students. You can do away with those estate agents and go for properties that are meant for rents by you. You can even browse through some websites such as OpenRent that will allow you to complete the renting process with ease. Those online resources/companies only link you with the landlords with any admin fee. They only provide you with necessary services that would smooth your discussion with your landlord without the interference of any estate agent. The good aspect of this is that you won’t waste any money on estate agent and also, you would have a good time to negotiate for a cheap rent price.

2.     Have Housemates and Don’t Live Alone: A good way to save money on renting is when you have multiple housemates with you. This is because when you are living with more people, most of the house facilities will be shared by you guys and the cost of rent will reduce. Also, when you are living with multiple people, your cost of subscription for broadband internet and other bills will be cheaper as there are more people using it. If you are such that do really care to live with people around, you might be saving some cash with such decision.

3.     Offer To Fix Minor Faults You Noticed: Another great way to save money on renting is when you choose to fix some minor faults you noticed at the apartment you rent. When you notice there are some scuff marks on the wall or a curtain rail is losing out, you can inform the landlord that you choose to repair it which will lead to reduction in rent fee. The only thing you need to note is that you should avoid complicating the case by making sure you are able to fix whatever the problem might be as promised.

4.     Rent Apartments That Are Not Fully Furnished: This is another good way for you to save money. As we all know that unfurnished or half-furnished properties tends to be cheaper than fully furnished one, you might be saving some cash when you decide to rent it and take care of it by yourself. Regardless of how often you usually go home and make use of the rented apartment, you can still spend less on it and get desired results. There are free online resources that give you access to freebies online and you can get free furniture from it such as Freecycle and Freegle. Meanwhile, it is obvious that you won’t quickly get all your desired items at a go with this process but in some weeks you can make your house feels like a home.

5.     Check out Rents That Are A Bit far From Your University: We all know that properties for rent that are very close to your university will be expensive due to the demand from students. You can choose to search for properties that are not really close to your uni and go for it because it will be a bit cheaper. However, if the transport isn’t encouraging, you can check for a better one and should in case you can have access to transportation means such as Motor Park or train station which is within walking distance, you can subscribe to it and get a less cost apartment.

6.     Reduce Your Payment For A Smaller Room: If you are lucky to live with people that are interested in spending much in anything they acquire, you should use that opportunity to save your money and pay less. When your house posses some communal area that you can dwell with, you don’t necessarily need to spend too much time in your room as it will be more efficient if you can only pay for a smaller room without paying for a lot of spaces you won’t be using. If you are able to pack your clothes, put a TV set and get yourself a bed and desk and yet still have some spaces left that you can stroll around in your room, you are good to go!

7.     Take Your Time and Don’t Be Desperate: Landlords and estate agents are always interested in exploiting buyers that are desperate in getting properties. So if you are willing to pay for any rent, you own the power and hence you should be calm while taking consideration. When you know you still have some weeks before you sign the contract, you can haggle a bit and be a bit pickier about what you want. Meanwhile, when you are close to the deadline, you have less negotiation power and the landlords will know you are desperate to get the property and might give you a bigger price. So it is important you take your time and start looking for property early to avoid being desperate.

8.     Check Out The Meter Readings When You Move: What used to consume much money at home is the electrical bills so therefore to be on a safe side, you should take the meter reading when you park in. You can take readings of the gas, electric usage and if possible water meters. After taking this reading, you can submit it to your supplier to avoid being billed by estimate which means you will pay for the previous tenant’s consumption. Over the course of your tenancy, the energy company will surely send someone over to read your meter and when they do, they’ll discover that it’s higher than they’d estimated and your next bill will be more expensive than you’d anticipated. In other words, even if the estimated reading seems to be in your favor, you’ll have to pay up sooner or later – so why not make it sooner, when you’re at least expecting it?

9.     Share Your Space: Another good way to save money is by looking for roommates. You only need to find the right people and know that the consent of the landlord is sought. Should in case you are unable to get a friend that can be your roommates. There are online resources that help you locate people that are looking for roommates online. Such sites include roommates.com whereby you get the right people you want base on agreement. You can settle the financial aspect by sharing the expenses equally and you are to sublet to your roommate. You are even opportune to pay less when your roommate gets bigger rooms than you.

10.   Check out Your University List of Approved Landlords: Find out if your university is having a list of approved landlords as there are some universities accommodation services that have a list of landlords that are effective and tested to let apartments to students. Through this process, you will be confident that your rent fee is safe as the landlord won’t be the type that will rip you off on rent. Also, those landlords might offer you affordable price and they can’t take away any amount from you when it is time for returning of your deposit.




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