Ways You Can Save Money On Driving As A Student

Ways You Can Save Money On Driving As A Student.

Not every student even have the priviledge of having a car but some student actually do but they also can tell how expensive it is to maintain the cost of driving. Most student have limited source of finances in which the majority of the finance is having a part time job and also securing Student loan. This is the more reason why a student who have car may face so much financial stress using a car. But this notwithstanding, there are major ways in which you can try as much as possible to reduce this cost of driving as a student and that is what this article will help you with, the simple ways in which you can minimize your cost of driving. Because basically, having a car in some instances is a great necessity while in school and this can help you due to the kind of distance between your house and the university. There fore driving as a student is not quite a bad ideas if you can learn to reduce cost as much as possible.

The various ways in which you can cut down the cost of owning a car is discussed below;

1. Avoid getting fined When driving, be law abiding as much as possible and make sure that you dont use an expired photo card licence. Therefore, you should take very good note of the expiry date of the photo card licence and also other basic rules you need to look after so as to avoid fines that will cost you alot of money, because in the UK, driving with an expired photo card licence may cost you the fine of £1,000 and that is among many other fines if you are not careful.

2. Learn How To Change Your Gear Properly When driving, especially for those driving manual cars, it is always best to change your gear very properly, because when gear is not change properly there will be a force on the engine which can cause complication on spoilt to the engine. And this will cost you alot of money if your car engine is to develop fault. Therefore you should be very good and careful when changing your gear doing driving 

3. Keep your tyres inflatted always.Basically when the pressure of your car tyre is low, it tends to drag the car and makes it move slower and this will inturn burn more fuel and also this maybe very dangerous for the car as well, because it may need to be using force to move the defflated tyre.Keeping the tyre of your car inflatted to the required level will make your car move more efficiently and it will save you cost of petrol to some certain level.

4. Get a better breakdown cover.Majorly now, alot of car owners have known the improtance of shopping around for the best insurance that they can get around, but how ever it is still good to also make drivers to know the importance of shoping for a cheap breakdown cover as well. They need to make serious price comparison before they settle down for the one they feel will be more comfortable for them, it may be that of home start, home recovery or maybe to tow the car to the nearest garage. Basically as a student, it is best and more recommended for you to make proper price comparison and go for the cheapest one.

5. Get a BikeThis will go along way to save you alot of extra cost as regards fuel. All you need do is park your car athome when you need to go to places nearby. You do not need to drive all around the neighborhood with your car, you can always use the bike as a better alternative in that regards and this will limit the pressure on the car and also save you some cost of petrol. Infact you can even take it to University if the distance is not too much that you can ride to. you can do that frequently to reduce petrol cost.
6. Get the best deal on petrol.Basically the prices of petrol varies and this is the more reason why you need to search for the best and cheapest petrol prices within your locality. Site like PetrolPrices.com will always help you to locate where to get the cheapest price of petrol close to you, therefore as a student the more you can have access to a very cheap petrol the better for you and you can use your cash to run other things in your budget.

7. Don’t go out unnecessarily.One of the major way to also save your money on car is to learn not to drive out for unnecessary outings. Go out basically when is necessary, having hang outs and so many fun driving is not necessary because you will tend to spend more in buying fuel and also maintaining the car. Therefore apart from going to school and other very necessary outings always learn to rest your car.

8. Use your A/C and atimes Open the Windows.Basically if as a student the car you purchase is such that have A/C, then you should be very rest assured that frequently using the A/C  will cost you more fuel consumption and therefore it is always good to use window as well but not always.Therefore due to sand and other dust which may affect your driving and  the car activities in general, always try to use your A/C on high speed and when you are driving at a lower speed you can consider swtiching off your A/C and making use of the window. This will balance it up for you, as it will reduce your petrol usage and also avoid any negative effect of driving due to sands and high breeze.

9. Avoid Traffic Jams.As a student who need to save money for many other activities then your brain should be wide open and calculative more and more, therefore you should always try to avoid traffic jams because these traffic jams consumes alot of fuel, and this is the reason why, you should avoid traffic as much as you can and if you will be stuck in traffic, then make sure you turn off the engine to save your self the high cost of buying fuel all the time.

10. Don’t allow your car tank to be empty before you refuel.Actually as a student you may be managing your car fuel to the stage that you still force to drive it even when the petrol guage is on the danger sign, this is very bad for your fuel pump because you will be forcing it to work extra hard before it will be able to suck fuel. Therefore always try to have fuel as part of your budget, so that you will be able to refuel before you get to red. And atimes you can make use of commercial transportation if you think you don’t have much to buy fuel. And once you are financially bouyany again, you can refuel and continue driving your car again.

Practicing all or some of these ways to manage your car will go a long way to help you save alot of money as a student and you will not undergoes so much financial stress maintaining your car.


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