The Best Money Saving Apps You Can Use

The Best Money Saving Apps You Can Use.

When it comes to the issue of money, it is always a very good advice to try as much as consult a financial advicer before you make any major financial decision but how ever, the world have now gone very global and before you make decision on your money, it is always very good that you save it. There have been various online apps now that have been design to help you save money very easily, therefore for those who are not so much intrested in trying to invest your capital on business or anything, then you can always try to make savings from day to day using the app so easily.

There are various of these apps that have been design to help you with time to time savings using your smart phone, all you need doing is try to make a good research and findings on the different ones that are available and see which one they prefers most. Several apps for saving money have been design and all you need do is go with one of them
Below are some of the apps that you can make use of depending on which among them you prefer most.

1. Monzo: This is a free app that can be used with both iPhone and androids that is charcterized with real time notifications. And have a good ability to freeze down your card on  matter of misplacent as well as containing many saving features which you can use to save cash
This card is very good for  spending money which you have been able to save even when you have  travled outside the country and  this constitutes one of the best feature alot of people want most about the app, and it is generally good for Smart-Phone based money management.
2. ATM Locator. This is another free and convenient app that you can use on your android. It is basically for you to locate the best ATM machine and informs you of what ever charges that is required, therefore making you to know the nearest and cheapest ATM machines to go in other to make financial transactions. This is very important most especially when you go to a place for the first time as it will save you the cost and stress of going around places you do not know all in search of an ATM machine. It uses geolocation to find you the best and nearest cash points that are available to you and gives the detail of there charges and even indicate that which those not pay any charge. This app is of great advantages and it also works all over the world. 

3. Chip: This is an online app that can be use on both your iPhone and androids. with this app it makes it very easy for student to make savings. Apparently most students always find it very easy to save money for the future needs but fortunately this automatic saving bot like chips can do that for you at ease with you having any form of worry.You only need to give this chips access into your account and once that is done, it will automatically follow up your earnings and spendings and with that helps you to determine what you can afford to save and there by helping you save it into a savings account without even seeking your approval or giving you any form of hint. It just helps you to save it automatically.
It is regarded as one of the most automatic money saving app that gives you interest and it this interest stands at one percent, how ever this interest can be increased to upto five percent when you refer your friends to the app.

4. Idealo: This is a free and good app that you can use to make price comparison and it can be use on your android and iPhones. This app helps us to actually save money in the course of purchase.The worst experience is buying goods at a high price when in other words you can get it at a more cheaper rate. It really helps you to save enough money so that you won’t regretting saving unnecessary money on things you can buy cheaper. It give you prices of different comodities and allows you to get the cheapest prices and this makes you save enough money to do other valuable things.

5. Vouchercloud: This is another free online money saving app which can be use on your android and iPhones. It is very convenient and very easy to use and that is why alot of people chooses it above other apps. You can always browse through the feature to discover the lowest prices of goods and this also helps the closes proximity of where you can get those cheap items of course with good quality as well. when it is time to make payment you can press your use voucher botton and a code that will allow you redeen your discount will be redeemed.It is a very good app that helps track your savings and then add up all your savings using the app and seeing what you have save will actually make you feel good that you have actually been saving.

6. 02 Priority Moments: This is an online free app that is accessible on window, android and iPhones. It is an app which allow you to gain alot of discounts in high street stores. It sti offers lot of heaps of tickets to restaurant voucher and other vouchers. you just need to be very cautious and observant to know the time frame you bave to redeem all this. It is a very efficient app you can use to get a significant discount in both stores and restaurant.

Using any one of this app will make you save money as it will makes you to avoid paying excessive sum of money for something you can get at a more cheaper rate and it as well get you to locations in which you are not far from, and saving you both unnecessary stress and money.

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