10 Best Sites That Can Pay You For Watching Videos Online

10 Best Sites That Can Pay You For Watching Videos Online

You might be thinking how it is possible for you to watch videos online either on YouTube or TV and get paid but it is very real and genuine. There are a lot of people out there that are making money from this process. If you are a lover of watching movies or any other related videos online, this is a good opportunity for you to monetize your normal routine of catching fun.

We have different websites and programs that pay people for watching videos online and you can be one of those that participate in it. It is free and fun! In fact the act of watching videos online is what some people regarded as a means of catching fun and just for relaxation. Although while getting paid for watching videos online either on TV or YouTube won’t turn you to a rich person immediately, it can actually help you to fulfill some financial challenges and pay off some miscellaneous expenses. This means that through getting paid for watching videos online, you can earn some cash for financial stability as the case maybe.

If you are willing to make money from what you’ve been doing for free and fun – watching videos online, you are at the right place as this article will explain the necessary things you need to know about this scope and how you can do it legitimately. Also, this article shall discuss some of the genuine companies or programs that can pay you when you watch videos online on YouTube or TV. People are really making money through this process and it is very possible for you to join them too.

One thing you need to understand about YouTube is that it is an online website that offers different kind of features for people and business organizations to create channels for their products and services. This made the website to become a popular online video sharing platform due to wide range of video activities that is running there. So, if you are always watching videos on YouTube, this is a good means for you to earn money without stress.

A good cause of patronizing the site is that the business firm or people’s account always sound competitive whereby they all engage in innovative contacts that would keep them generate traffic and help the audience with necessary contents that would be beneficial to them. In most cases, people find it interesting and motivational to watch videos on YouTube. The good part of it is that you can now get paid for catching fun and gaining knowledge while watching videos online. It is on that note that we clearly say there are numerous people that are getting money for watching videos online either through YouTube or TV.

Can You Make Money As A Video Sharer On YouTube?

There are opportunities to explore when you are a regular viewer on YouTube. You can earn money by simply watching videos and another exciting means is by being a video sharer on publisher on YouTube. This people are called YouTuber because they share and publish videos on the website. So if you are a YouTuber, some common things you can do on the website that will earn you cool cash include:

  • Google AdSense: This is a very good way to earn your money on the YouTube as you only need to link your YouTube channel with your AdSense account. It will display contextual ads on any video you post in the website and you will be paid when anybody view or click on the ads. A good way to earn more money on this case is when you have enough views on your video because the more the view the more you earn.
  • Sponsored Ads: Another way to get money from YouTube is through sponsored ads as you will have to allow business owners or firms to advertise their brands or products on your brand which you will be paid by the business owners or firms. This means the business organizations or individuals will pay you for promoting their ads on your channel. You can earn more money in this regard when your videos do reach targeted audience and expected views.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a standard way of generating money for internet marketers. What you need to do is just by creating an affiliate space in any video you uploaded and at the affiliate space, a merchant can use it to promote/advertise their brands or products and when any sale is made through it, you will receive a commission from the merchants. Isn’t this wonderful? Your task is to have necessary and essential videos to upload that will attract the expected audience and when they click and make a purchase through the affiliate link on your channel, you get paid as commission. It is very simple and easy, you only create a affiliate link that will lead to the page of the merchant’s site and any sale that occurs from it shall have you credited as a share. You need to understand the scope of doing this and you can be part of those making hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more yearly for uploading videos on YouTube.

How Can You Earn Money Online For Watching Videos?

As we’ve been saying, you can really make money for watching videos online because there are websites and programs that offers such opportunity. You are being paid for watching videos or probably submitting your opinion after watching it or rating it. This shows that you can be paid for what you’ve been doing to catch fun. In simple term, you enjoy watching the videos and it excite you and you get paid for it. Meanwhile, it is observed that as simple as this process can be, you need to avoid scammers and know the authentic websites or programs that operate this type of feature and this article shall discuss about 10 reliable sites that offer such service.

10 Online Sites That Pay You For Watching Videos Online Through YouTube or TV

There are numerous online sites that offer money for people that watch videos and they are genuine. While some of them will reward or compensate you with gift cards, some of the websites pay directly to your Paypal account and make it possible for you to get paid for watching videos online. Some of the websites are as follows:

Swagbucks: You need to firstly know that Swagbucks can work on IOS, Android or your home computer. It is one of the oldest websites that pay people for watching videos through them. You can easily make cool money with Swagbucks. At this site, you will be paid for watching videos which ranges from entertainment, to sport or world news. And you can also be paid for watching sponsored ads through them. This shows that you can actually make cool money through this site. The interesting part of this site is that it also offers different kind of features as you can make money through this website by not only watching videos, you can surf the web and do varieties of task on this website that will get you paid. Part of what Swagbucks does aside online videos are online shopping, filling up of online surveys, playing games online and many more.


InboxDollars: This site also allows you to make money by watching videos online. It is unarguably one of the leading alternatives to Swagbucks as it also offers features such as online shopping, online survey, online games and many more which generate money when done. A great feat of this site is that you can also be paid for reading emails you are being sent to your inbox. Companies would always wish to promote their business and the best way to do that is by receiving recommendations and feedbacks from customers and at InboxDollars, you can also give feedbacks about a particular product at a particular firm and get paid. What you only need to do is to sign up on the site and perform your desired task and get paid.

MyPoints: Another good way to make money online is through Mypoints. As the name implies, you will be compensated for watching videos online or doing other task which include printing coupons, taking online surveys, playing online games and a lot more. You will be offered points and you can then turn your points to gift cards for some major companies such as Amazon, Best Buy and many more or you change the points to cash through your Paypal account. At Mypoints, you can earn as much as 400 points in a day by just watching videos online. Meanwhile, there’s also a $5 bonus for first-time users on Mypoints.

Perk.tv: If you are willing to make money for watching videos online, this site is there for you. You will also be given perk points which you can change to gift cards or cash as you wish. Also, there is perk tokens available for people that can be used to enter Perk Sweepstakes; a place that offer interesting gifts like video games consoles, iPhones and many more. Just like other sites we’ve discussed above, you can also do other activities at perk.tv aside from watching videos online, you can perform web searching, online shopping and lots of more. At Perk.tv, you can achieve a lot with regards to opportunities.

Quick Rewards: This is another great means of earning money by simply watching videos online. The interesting part of it is that the residents of UK, US and Canada are opportune to have access to Quick Rewards membership which enables them to earn as much as they put in for task. Also, this site allows you to get more access to different opportunities for making money online when you sign up from them. Opportunities such as taking online survey for market research, reading emails and daily online shopping opportunity that allows you to earn at least 25 per cent cash back.

EarningStation: This site mostly allows people that are residents of US to be their member whereby you have access to watch videos online and get paid. You will receive points for watching videos online or doing other tasks such as playing games online, online shopping and taking online survey for market research. This means that if you are a resident of United State, this allow is meant for you and you can make money from doing little online activities on it.

App Trailers: This site allows you to watch trailers from a particular app and get paid. The site display “hot apps” and compensate members that watch trailers from the listed apps. They will give out points to those members they want to compensate and the points can be redeem to gift cards and cash as desire. This site is also wonderful as you can give it a trial.

National Consumer Panel: This is a company that is jointly owns by Nielsen and IRi which look into how to get people’s view about variety of subjects. They collect data and information about consumer habits and behavior. In that regard, they send out video survey and scan product you purchase. This is because video survey are meant to receive information for advertising campaign and product spots while they track your shopping habits and behavior by scanning the products you purchase. So the process to follow in making money through NCP is by watching videos and giving them your observations/submissions as requested by them. This shows that you can choose your preferred means of browsing either mobile phones or tablets or any other gadgets to scan pictures of products you purchase and take the video surveys with the NCP App. The simple way is that if you take more video surveys through this site, you are liable to earn more money.

Viggle: This is another creative app that allows people to earn money by watching videos online. This app will list out different TV shows and programs from local stations or online streaming stations such as Hulu, Netflix or Amazon. While using Viggle, you open the app on your device and use it to tune into your favorite programs at a particular TV show and it will enable you to earn points while watching the video. Some shows offer a 10x bonus that allows you to earn 10 points per minute of viewing. To make watching videos fun, Viggle offers in-show games and opportunities to interact with your friends to earn even more points. Viggle will even offer extra points for watching new shows in addition to your current favorites. This shows that you can be paid for watching TV shows or programs at your residential place.

Nielsel Digital Voice: This site allows you to watch videos online and get paid in such a way that you can let the world know you are watching videos online with your mobile phone by downloading the Nielsel App. You can share out your videos or your TV watching habits right from your mobile phone. You will get reward for watching videos online through this app and you can also be compensated for performing other web activities. Another interesting part about this app is that it gives you the opportunity to participate in monthly cash prize drawings. The drawings program would enable you to receive $10,000 as a giveaway price whereby over 400 participants can win up to $1,000 each in a month. Isn’t it appropriate for you to give a trial? Don’t be left out.


As you have seen above, it is very possible to earn money online by watching YouTube and knowing the steps to follow is pivotal. Those processes won’t make a very rich but will definitely help you to settle out some immediate financial expenses while you do a bit work. To get started, you can go through the listed website and sign up to enable you have access to the opportunities.




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