10 Best Sites That Can Offer You Free Makeup Samples

Creativity has taken over any sphere of business venture and it is on that note that people also think of ways to promote and improve their business that will be in tandem with creative realities. As fashion personnel, you might be wondering if there are places you can get free makeup samples and even receive different cosmetics and other necessary information in your specialization. It is very possible to get free makeup samples you can practice and some of the websites that offers this service will also mail you other necessary details for free.

This means that you can get beauty and cosmetic products as samples for free which would ease your business. Meanwhile, to find companies and online resources that offer this service might be time consuming and sensitive but you can actually get them and this article shall talk on that. All what you need to know about getting makeup; samples for free and the websites that operate that would be discuss in this article. You will also know more about how you can get as many samples as you want for free.

The important thing about it is that some of the manufacturing companies of those products would like to know about users’ reaction towards their products and that is how they give out free samples for people to test. When you are able to give them the necessary feedbacks on their product, it would help them improve in their service and give out the best of their products to sale. Other companies also offer free samples as part of their rewards for promotional campaigns. Another major reason why the manufacturing companies are confident of giving out free product samples to users like you is because they believe you will surely patronize their product after giving you samples.

So, if you are one of those looking for free samples, it is a good way to save money and have access to the best beauty and cosmetics products that are appropriate for your body. Regardless of the reason that this manufacturing companies might have for giving out free samples, you should not be left out of the great deal and make use of it judiciously.

10 Best Sites To Get Free Makeup Samples:

Magic Freebies: This website allows to you have access to free makeup samples as it connects you with lots of places where you can get your needed beauty and cosmetic products. At the site, you will have access to the best and latest quality products across the world. This site is based in UK and what you only need to do before you can benefit the opportunity is to get registered with the site. When you registered with this website, you have the access to get freebies which will allow you to save some money that you might have used to purchase the products.

Sephora.com: Sephora is a beauty and cosmetic company that offers varieties of products. You can click on their online resource that allows you to get access to free beauty products. You only need to register with the website and then become a member. After doing that, you will be able to choose up to three free samples every time they order online. Some samples you will have access to include free different facial cleansing products, free perfume samples and a lot more.

L’Oreal USA: This Company is well known in cosmetic industry. People that are willing to get free samples of cosmetic products can do so from this company as it gives people the chance to join its Consumer Participation Panel. What you only need to do is by simply registering on their site to be a panelist and by doing so you will be entitle to be invited for on-site events where you will be told to test and own some makeup products. One good thing about this process is that when chosen, if you are unable to be present at the assessment of the product, you can receive yours through mails. Meanwhile, members are not the ones that will choose their preferred products to test but rather the company, it is however a good opportunity for you to test another beauty and cosmetic products before anyone and for free.

Freeflys: This online resource allows you to have access to freebies on beauty and cosmetic products. Through this site, you can have the opportunity to own different beauty products such as makeup samples, body creams, body cleaners and many more for free from the well recognized beauty companies. You only need to browse through the beauty samples category that are for free and get a link to have it.

Product Testing USA: As the name implies, you help companies to test their products. At this site, you will be invited to sign up and be a member on the site which will give you the access to become a reviewer for the company. This site has a lot of cosmetic items that are in need of review and you can be one of the reviewers today. All what you need to do is just to register with them online and supply them with your favorites and what you don’t like. By doing so, you are liable of receiving products for review from them.

Sample Source: This is another place where you can get free makeup samples. You can also get free beauty care or household cleaning or even food from this site. It is their hope that when you are been sent the samples, you would make a decision of patronizing them. The hashtag that is very common to this company is #TryBeforeYouBuy. What you need to do is just getting registered with them and a box of free samples of makeup products will be sent to you. Be mindful that you are free to pick from the menu of available samples that is appropriate for your profile and that is why it is advisable for you to include products you desire when registering.

The Pink Panel: Ladies are of great chance with this online resource. The Pink Panel is a site of consumer panel for ladies. What you only need to do if you are among those that are interested in getting free beauty and cosmetic sample is by just registering with them through filling of your details. After which you will need to like the Facebook page and that will give you the chance to receive free offers and you will be given opportunity to be among people that will take part in the surveys and special events.

I Crave Freebies: This is another online site that offers freebies on numerous beauty and cosmetic products. Part of the freebies you can have access to on this website includes beauty products, cleaning products, DVDs and CDs, Foods and many more. What you need to do before accessing this great deal is just by clicking on Beauty Samples category and fill the form that is there and after that you will be given free sample of any beauty and cosmetic products that is presently available.

WomenFreebies: Just like other freebies online resources, this site can also give you the opportunity to have access to different class of freebies and samples of different products in different categories. If you are interested in freebies samples such as hair products samples, skin care samples, hair samples and many more, you can easily get it through this website.

Influenster: Influenster enable people to get free makeup samples through commitment and seriousness. That means anyone that wish to receive those freebies from this website need to be very active and committed as this website will only allow you to get different loads of makeup samples when you are committed towards assisting them with necessary reviews. You will review products and be compensated with boxes of makeup samples. When you registered as a member of Influenster, you will discover, review and bring out your experience with the products. The VoxBox feature allows you to access free samples of products during the holiday season.


From this article, it is very clear that you can get free makeup samples that can be used for your beauty and cosmetic stuff. You only need to know the companies that offer this great deal and how you can benefit, with this article we believe you can key into it and use the money you might have wanted to purchase the beauty products for another expenses. It is very possible and real.



Image Credit: Clarins.ca

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