How You Can Manage Your Anxiety According To Therapist

How You Can Manage Your Anxiety According To Therapist

In life, we can all feel some levels of anxiety at a point in time, but when it escalates to being more severe, it requires proper care and attention. If not recently, some people do often believe that anxiety is a mental condition that requires little or no medical attention, they think it only comes naturally and deserve no medication. However, as various peer groups, NGOs and other related agencies often engage in public awareness and orientation with regards the subject matter, people have now take it serious with appropriate medical recommendations, had it been it is taken with levity, anxiety could obviously lead to depress and even different forms of mental illness might arouse.

Anxiety is often regarded as a situation whereby you are worried, nervous or doubt yourself. When anxious, you easily become weak and hence have less energy to concentrate on positivity. That is why it is always important to study the body and know what has change should incase anxiety is coming up.

To live with anxiety might be a very difficult task, but it is possible to manage it and have a good working or splendid day even when been anxious. One achiever that grew up in Washington D.C with anxiety once noted that no matter how much he worked hard or how much he is proud of great feats he achieved, the anxious part of his brain would always scrutinize, criticize and patronize him. This shows that regardless of your circumstances, you can still manage it and make better things out of it.

Symptoms and Signs of Anxiety:

The symptoms of anxiety differ and different factors are also liable to it such as personality and/or mental health. Anxiety can make someone feel confused or less concentrate in anything they do. It could also results to frustration and you will be able to have less time to rest. This anxiety might later lead to depression in many cases. Symptoms of anxiety might include tense muscles, sweating, dizziness or insomnia.

According to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety affects over 40 million US adults thus making it a serious condition that needs immediate attention. Therefore, it is very necessary to opt for professional anxiety treatment to prevent the condition from being more severe. Meanwhile, since we’ve known what anxiety is all about, let us now discuss how to find ways on how to manage it with calmness.

How To Manage Anxiety With Calmness:

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  1. Understand the symptoms and their essence:  Have you been informed of how to recognize symptoms associated with anxiety? If not, try and learn it to help you deal with the feelings. When you are able to do that, focus on what they impact on you and learn those effects. You might get hooked with series of confrontation by your anxious mind, sometimes you will realize you are over-preparing yourself for a task and hence seems strange and unusual; it is your anxiety that is acting on you.
  2. Let your fear be your friends: That fear in you is very important, draw it closer. When you have anxiety, always make this habit a pivotal tool in getting yourself upright. It might look scary and you seem not interested in it but you can part away with it because it is needed to make you stand firm with your decision. What you need to do is by carefully understanding your fear and relates it with your past experiences, it will give you headway towards how you relate or perform at place of work.
  3. Always discuss with someone you trust: When you have anxiety, you need not to be idle or isolated with issues bothering your mind. You rather need to be open-minded and feel free to discuss or talk with someone you can trust that can be like a secret keeper of yours. This means that talking to someone you trust about things that make you anxious might be a relief for you. You really need someone that will listen to you and they care and can help you with motivations.
  4. Manage your worries: When you have anxiety, it might not be easy to stop worrying; in fact it can be very difficult to keep your mind away from what disturbs it. This is because it is possible for you to have worries that you won’t be able to control when anxious or you could even have the feelings that you just have to worry about those things for you to be able to have good results.  However, it is very pertinent for you to look into some ways that can help you manage this worries when being anxious such as i) write down your worries in a notebook or any other gadget and keep them safe for you to work on it and ii) you should set aside specific time to focus on your worries.
  5. Maintain your physical health: One of the important aspects on how to manage anxiety is by watching over your physical health. What you can do include i) Always try to get enough sleep and rest: When you are able to have sound sleep, it will make you refreshed and gives you energy to focus more on how to deal with difficult feelings and experiences, ii) Watch over your diet: Another good way to maintain your physical health is by having a healthy diet. You need to eat nutritious meals and keep your blood sugar stable can lead to a difference to your moods and energy levels, iii) Engage in some physical activity:  Exercise and body fitness techniques could be very essential too. It will help to maintain mental health and makes you look fit.
  6. Have a good breathing: One of the major symptoms of anxiousness is rapid breathing. This shows that when you are anxious, your body responds through shallow, rapid breaths that make you more nervous. Therefore, it is good to focus on your body and anytime you observed you are becoming anxious, you should try to manage your breathing by taking in deep, long breaths. The best way to manage your breathing is by holding your breath for three to five seconds then breathing out gently through your mouth to release the air slowly.
  7. Accept that you are anxious: A major error done by many people is that some people might observe few symptoms or sign of anxiety but yet fail to acknowledge it. So, the first thing to do when you observe anxiety is coming up is to accept and own your emotions. Once you acknowledge that you are anxious, you significantly increase your ability to fight off nervousness and control the condition.
  8. Always meditate: Meditation is a good way of life even when not anxious, it gives you the opportunity to relax your brains and think on how to develop new ideas. When you take out of time and get yourself a cool place, sit down calmly and meditate for a while, you will be surprised how strong your mind is by doing this. Meditation is often known to keep your brains in good humor and calm the nervous system by allowing you to have desired peace of mind.
  9. Create a support system: It is always recommended that anxious people need to have a support system that can talk with them. Peer support allows people to come together and share experiences that might be alike in order to assist each others. It really helps to discuss some issues bothering you with some people that can form a small support team with you. It helps to share ideas on how to manage situations and connect with other people by making you not to feel alone. They will make you not to worry about what you are going as someone might also go through it before you.


What you need to understand by anxiety treatment is to always calm yourself anything you are anxious. From the above ways stated, you can now see that it is not that difficult to manage anxiety, it only requires patience and focus. So when you observe those symptoms, you need to quickly apply proper measures as we all know that anxiety might lead to mental illness or depression if taken with levity.


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