How To Make Residual Income Online & Offline (You Can Make Your Money While Sleeping)

How To Make Residual Income Online & Offline (You Can Make Your Money While Sleeping)

It is very possible for you to make cool cash at your residence without going through much stress and hectic activity. The scope of getting money only requires you to get right information and work towards it. In this article, we shall be discussing some ways or acts you can engage in that will fetch you cool cash and legitimate income.

Another interesting aspect of it is that you can actually money through residual income even while asleep. That is what everyone want, isn’t it? It is possible and you can do it without hitches. You can make money while you sleep; you can make money while you are busy with other things, you can make your cool cash even when on holiday or vacation, you can also make money while having fun or engaging in social moments, that means you can really make money while doing no work. Be reminded that it is not longer a dream of having this; it is not realistic and possible – the residual income opportunities suffice.

However, it is all about you setting up some things which we shall be highlighting in this article. This means that there are some techniques you can work on that will fetch you legitimate income for months and even years to come, it only needs a little time or couple of hours from you. I don’t know about you but I don’t mind putting in a couple hours of work a day for a while to get something set up that will keep bringing me money for months and even years to come.

Let us firstly talk about what Residual Income entails:

Residual Income: This is also known as “passive income” which means that you are getting paid while not actively working actually. This means that you just need to set up some things and then it will manifest and continue to get you money afterwards, when you won’t do anything actively as the money keeps coming in.  That is another reason why people say you get paid when you are enjoying yourself or just relaxing.

Therefore, there are a lot of ideas/plans that can allow you to earn residual income no matter what your skill or experience you possess. You only need to look into the most appropriate idea and work on it. One thing you need to know is that how best you do the task and how much you earn from it than others will depend on the time and commitment you put towards it in the beginning.  That is why you will see some people that do say they’ve found “how to make 100 dollars daily” or “how to quickly make 1000 dollars”. It is just because they have done the initial work and set things up which enable them to earn that much.

This narrates that when you are able to put a lot of hard work and dedication at the beginning, you will successfully set up a residual opportunity that will later keep getting you cool cash for many months or years to come. In the same vein, you need to know that there are some opportunities that won’t just work out that in fact some of them are scam and might even cost you more money and energy without achieving the desired results.

We have done enough online survey and we shall make sure you longer lose your money and time on what doesn’t pays. Reading this will make it easy for you to have a better residual income.

Best Ways To Make Residual Income:

  1. Create a Blog and Earn With Money Through Ads: You can make passive income through this method.  That means that you can get cool cash by creating your own blog. You can further create a niche blog on another issue you admired and passionate of.  You can do this by either getting good writers that will help you write good contents because written content still powers most blogs or websites we all see around.  These contents will help you generate opinion from readers and get traffic for your website or blog.


When you are able to post valuable and interesting contents on your blog, you will be able to generate desired traffic and the more value your blog is, the more audience.  From that, when you are able to generate enough traffic on your site, you can then monetize it by selling advertising space.  This means that companies or ads buyers would pay you for running ads on your blog and by doing so; you will make money posting ads. This is a process that can make you get residual income and in fact you can even start selling varieties of products and services in your blog as a means of innovation and advancement.  If properly done, the blog can continue to fetch you money for years to come.


What you only need to do is to get the work well composed at the beginning, it requires a bit of work and we continue to get your money.

  1. Online Surveys: Another good way of making cool cash that is widely adopted by students most especially is through filling online surveys. This is done at convenience which means you can actually do it at your preferred time and you get your money.  It is because it has become more productive as research companies are always recruiting new members worldwide to answer surveys and test new products.

With that, it shows this method is a good source of residual income as it takes you few minutes to fill the form and make quid which is paid as cash. In fact, you can make up to $5 for some surveys.

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  1. Create or Set Up A Membership Site: While you can make money through creation of blogs or website, you can also create a membership site and get cool cash. This means that you can earn residual income through membership site. What you need to do is just focus on the aspect of life you the traffic to be tailored at. Since it is a membership site, the site will afford members to join (which will be possible through payment of a token before accessing the site).

The site will contain relevant information that will help teach, educate, mentor and entertain the members. However, it requires strategies as you can even set up a site that will ginger the members on how to make money in unique ways like how you can lose weight and get paid. So when what you are offering is unique and useful to your subscribers then it’s easy to keep receiving payments for new registrations and monthly subscriptions. It is a statement of fact that a good membership site with numerous information that are beneficial to its members will definitely lead to residual earning for years to come. The major interesting part of membership site is that you don’t even need to sell ads before you can make money, people will surely pay you for the information or contents you provide at the site. You can keep the tempo alive by being steadfast in keeping the site updated or you hire competent hands that will do that for you.

  1. Create An Online Video Website: Aside blogs or membership site, you can also make your cash by creating an online video website. How do you want to go about it or what about YouTube? We all know that YouTube is the website that is very common for people to upload their video; you can also have your own video website and generate income from it. What you need to do is create videos and set things up at your website instead of YouTube.

When you upload those videos and people find it interesting and helpful, you will get your money and you have more control and stability.  In fact, you can start it by uploading videos that can help people with ideas on how to perform a special task like “how to do” videos. You will be able to monetize the site and earn residual income at your comfort. For example, you can upload a video that explained how to fix a mechanical issue or how to test run a programming language or how to cook a special meal. As time goes, when your website gets more popular, you can monetized it with advertisement space and sell various products.

  1. Develop and Monetize Apps: In fact, this is a common way to earn residual income that people always involve in. It only requires the technical know-how, which means you only need to have proper understanding of programming. When you can program and develop applications, you are good to go! The recent increase in numbers of people using phone these days, this method is a great way to get residual income without much stress. You only need to create an app and monetize it.

There are different forms of application creation; it can be created for series of purpose such as app for making money, app for taking taxi, app for nearest shopping outlets, app for educational lectures and many more. If you are talented to create an app that people are ready and willing to pay for, it can get you money for years to come.

After developing the app, you can monetize it through mobile platforms like Google Play and Apple Store. You can develop apps that will operate efficiently at Android software and iOS software for different tasks and functions.  You will make good money for a long time when you sell this app online and you can also add advertisement to the apps when people use it which will enable you to generate more money for years to come. You can continue to make money through this since people find it useful and important.

  1. Author and Publish your eBooks: You can also make good money with your writing skills. What you need to do is to write good contents and make it eBooks for people to access online and read through it. So when you are passionate about writing, just publish some of your eBooks online, monetize it and get your residual income easily. There are many websites out there that you can publish your eBooks and get you money.

You should take advantage of the publishing and distribution options put in place by these websites to earn passive income from your eBooks. When your readers find the contents helpful and impactful, it can make you earn money for years to come. So what you need to do is by sitting down and getting acquainted with what people wish to read and know; focus on a particular aspect and made it public for your readers to access.

  1. Be A Social Media Influencer: People that are very active on social media are those that can benefit this process tremendously. There are some social media people that have a lot of followers and audience and hence if you are one of them, you can easily get more money for being a social influencer.

Social media influencers are used by brands to help them promote their products and business. So as a social media influencer, you will get paid for advertising products to your followers and audiences. Some brands or advertisers can even pay you monthly, for the posts you make on your social media account. You can also be paid for mentions, posts, shares, and comments made about the company’s product or service.  This means that you don’t necessarily need to do a lot of works before you can get paid. You are simply earning for months and even years for your time spent building and growing your social media account.

  1. Make Your Car A Billboard: You can really make your money while not discomforting yourself. You can just get your cash by driving your car at your convenience. What you need to do is just by making your car a billboard where a brand or product is being advertised.  You can just drive your car as normal and get paid monthly for as long as you allow the wrap to be on it. You earn more if you always drive the car to places where more people are likely to view it. There are many car wrap agencies and they will help pay you to have your car made into a “moving billboard”. This shows that without lending your car out or giving someone else to use it for Taxi, you can actually make cool cash by driving your cars around.

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