How Parents Creates Narcissistic Children

How Parents Creates Narcissistic Children


It is good for parents to take proper and adequate care of their offspring. While it is very essential for children to have good parenting, parents need to understand there are risk factors that can contribute to narcissism. According to psychologists, narcissism can be regard as a spectrum order whereby people do regard themselves as being important than others.

Although, it is very common that parents are not aware of this circumstance when being with their children, its resultant effect could be complicating and not helpful. Most parents only see it as an act of trying their best in giving their child the necessary help to develop their future with adequate support. However, being extreme in taking care of them could be dangerous. We all know that it is good to show them love, care, support and necessary attention to those children, the fact that it might later lead to narcissism should not be left out without consideration.

This means that the parents need to be cautious of how they treat their children and how important is their freedom to the family. In this article, we shall discuss how one of the unhealthy parenting traits can make a child become narcissist and how it is important for parents to desist from such habits. Also, we shall talk about how to identify narcissism in your child and how to manage it.

Researchers reveal one of the parenting traits that can make a child narcissist:

One of the major traits is that narcissist children often lead to narcissist adults/parents. This means that it is when a child builds up being a narcissist that can make him or her become a narcissist adult. This set of people are seen in the society/community has been selfish and proud. They possess the quality of being too forward against their fellow; indeed they hardly support others but rather self satisfied. Narcissists are well known to be very aggressive and always stand to be entitled more than others because they see themselves as being superior to other people.

Behavior of parent that can lead to narcissistic children:

A research was being done by researchers at Ohio State University and Holland’s University of Amsterdam; they researched a theory that narcissists are produced by the parenting trait of giving children too warmth, comfort and love. The research observed that when a parent praise or applaud a child for their performance, effort or contribution more than they deserved in their peer group could actually be more harmful than expected.

The researchers also note that children that are narcissistic actually learn that bad or spoiled behavior from their parents when being treated as if they are perfect or too better than others. This shows that too much praising your child is the one parenting trait that you do not want to do if you want to avoid raising narcissistic children.

How to identify narcissistic children:

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Narcissistic child are selfish: When a child is said to be narcissistic, they will tend to see themselves as been entitled to better things or treatment than others. Narcissistic people base their self-esteem and worth on the recognition that others give them. A simple case study of this would be a child or teenager who is depressed over not getting enough likes or comments on their social media posts.

Also, narcissistic children tend to be more stubborn and aggressive than others. Another part of it is that they tend to feels being dejected when they did have receive the value or respect from others as expected for example when they do not receive the praise that they desperately need, they act out in self-harmful or even violent ways.

According to Children’s Psychiatrist Efrain Bleiberg, the following behavioral problems that may cause parents to bring a narcissistic child in for therapy are listed below:

* Interpersonal relationship problems

* Coldness

* Meanness

* Attempts to control or manipulate

* School problems

* Impulsiveness

* Poorly handles frustration

* Lying, stealing, or breaking rules

* Exhibitionism

* Self-doubts and intense envy of others

* Constant need for attention

 Therefore, we all need to know that it is good and necessary to praise child, what is harmful about it is overly praising them. This is because it really cause more harm than good to their healthy psychological development. That is why it is noted that narcissistic children are often lonely, angry, empty and envious.

How to control narcissistic children:

When you notice any of your children is becoming narcissistic, you don’t need to stress yourself too much. What you only need to do is to change and limit your parenting behavior. Instead of over-praising them, let them feel they are doing well but not the best, encourage them to always learn from others or learn from criticisms, let them understand that failure is a normal phenomenon and they should be willing to build themselves. Let them make friends and show them that there is love in sharing, abolish them of selfishness and preach kindness and sincerity to them. These traits are missing in narcissistic children but it can be learn and works with.

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Meanwhile, if you change your behavior but don’t see results from your child, it is then appropriate to go for professional help. Seek counseling for your narcissistic child’s behavior before it becomes a pattern of behavior in adulthood that cannot be changed as easily.

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