The Risk of Sitting Down Too Much

The life we live nowadays where technology had taken over virtually most of assignments or tasks we ought to have done by ourselves is not only damaging but also harmful. Modern tools have successfully reduced the tedious nature of our works and hence making it more simple whilst comfortable which cause a lot of people being on seat for more than 7-8 hours in a day.

The act of not engaging in manual task has greatly put everyone to remain sedentary. A report published in Annals of Internal Medicine stated that an average person spends more than half of his/her waking hours in an inactive state (sitting at a computer, watching TV, playing games, commuting to and from work, etc).
It is on record that when you sit, you spend little energy compared to when you move around. This has made it imperative for researchers to highlight some health observation with regards sitting for too long. They observed that the risk associated with sitting for long include excess body fat around the waist and abnormal cholesterol levels. More also, it can cause high blood sugar and increase blood pressure. Sitting down for too long can also lead to obesity, poor posture and even  chronic back pain.
If you sit too much with no physical activity, it’s opined you may go through the following situations which are harmful to your health, they’re as follows:
1. Back Pain: Back pain is one of the major problems encountered by those that sit too much. This is due to bad posture which lead to back pain and disk damage. When you sit down without going around, your disk become rough and it cause collagen to build up around tendons and ligaments. But in a case whereby you move around and walk at work, your disk would expand and make blood and nutrients penetrate in. So it is wise to say, one need to engage in walk even at work if possible or stand a bit.
2. Disorderliness of Legs: Without mincing words, we all know that sitting too long would definitely block circulation in the legs which make the blood to gather around the ankles and lead to swollen ankles. In fact, the bone also become weak and sparse when you sit too much.
3. Weakness in Body: Sitting too much can cause different weakness in the body which later affect the brain. By moving the our bodies from one place to another, we have create a system whereby there’s direct flow of blood into the brain and make it work effectively. It helps the body system to function properly as there’s proper movement of oxygen in the brain which assist in making our organs firm. On the other hand, sitting too much reduce the flow of bloods and in fact make it difficult for us to think properly.
These among many other health concerns are associated to prolonged sitting down. However, as it is observed that less sitting immensely contribute to good health, it is essential to look into ways on how to curb this issue and some of the mechanisms that can be practise are listed as follows:
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