See What Pimples Can Cause to Your Health

See what pimples can cause to your health

It is obvious that the skin of someone is a direct reflection of his or her health. This means that we need to understand the simple fact that anything which affect the skin (especially fingernails and hairs) has a direct effect on our health too. Pimples, as well known is a small papule that develop when sebaceous glands got blocked and hence lead to obstructed flow which will later result to swollen, red lesions filled with pus.

Pimples is a disease of the hair follicles of the face, chest, and back that mostly happen during puberty stage, nonetheless it can still occur at any age. It is also observed that pimples can happen during menstruation for women.  This only happen in the body system around the face, shoulder, chest or back because of much presence of sebaceous glands around that area of the skin. Acne vulgaris is said to be the major cause of pimples. Although, It is normal for anyone affected to treat it by using products available at any pharmacy. In a more chronic cases of acne, it is pertinent to consult a physician for treatment options.
Here are some details you need to know about pimples:
1. Pimples differs in its level of severity from blackhead to cysts. Succinctly, there’s different stages of pimples in human body.
2. It occurs when the oil glands become more active, dead skin cells block the pores, and afterwards an infection develops.
3. Pimples mostly happen at teenage but can also affect anybody at any age.
4. There’s no record or research that have confirmed a particular food as the causes of acne but advisably, healthful diet can limit the risk of contacting it.
The various categories of pimples include blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts and they all have different signs and symptoms which is explained thus:
1. Blackheads : This is called an open comedo, these are clearly seen on the surface of the skin. Blackheads are usually black or dark brown, due to the oxidation of melanin, the skin’s pigment. Some people hold the opinion that they  are caused by dirt, because of their color, and scrub their faces vigorously. Scrubbing does not really help. It may irritate the skin and cause other problems.
2. Whiteheads : This is known as a closed comedo, these are small pimples that remain under the skin. They appear as a small, flesh-colored papule.
3. Cysts : These are clearly visible on the surface of the skin. Cyst is a pounch or sac whithout opening usually membranous and containing morbid matter which develops in one of the natural cavities or in the substance of an organ. They are filled with pus and are usually painful. Cysts is known to commonly cause scars.
4. Papules : These are small, inflammatory, irritated spot on skin. They are often pink.
Causes of Pimples
It is observed that when pores become blocked with sebum and dead skin, there’s tendency of having pimples. Sometimes this leads to infection and
inflammation . The major reason why it affect some people more than others is yet to be detected.
Factors associated to Pimples
While It is yet to be certain on why some people are more likely to have pimples than others, Hormone fluctuation and genetic factors may be attributed to it, as acne often runs in families, but some other factors are possible, there are thus:
1. Sensitivity of Testosterone
It has been noticed that there exist a link between pimples and high levels of testosterone which is the male hormones that also exist in lower levels in females. It is recorded that high levels of testosterone can initiate greater activity in the sebaceous glands, resulting in more clogged pores and higher chance of acne.
2. Dietary factors
Although we can’t specifically say that there exist diet that can fuel acne, but the fact that balanced diet aid good health, some dietary factors seems to contribute to the possibility of getting pimples. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), “There is not enough data to recommend dietary changes for acne patients.” So when acne and pimples start to affect a person’s quality of life and self esteem, a doctor or dermatologist is recommended to sort it out.
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3. Bacteria
There are some bacteria that are really dangerous to the skin and can cause disease. Researchers have indicated that there exist some particular types of bacteria that determine the severity and frequency of pimples. These bacteria may also interact with different factors, such as hormone and sebum levels.
What the presence of acne on your face means at different areas are therefore explained thus:
Nose: The lungs and respiratory system can be attached to the nose skin whereby if there’s oily skin around the nose, it is possible to have blackheads and pimples. Researchers opined that skin health around the nose can be linked to cardiovascular problems, hence it is advisable to regularly eat fruits and vegetables in order to resist the possibility of contacting pimples around that area.
Mouth: We all know this area of the body is related to  to the upper gastrointestinal tract therefore, poor eating habit such as consuming processed foods has been observed to be the cause of any skin problem around this area. So, to reduce the risk of having acne, you need to regularly take natural and fresh foods.
Forehead: Studies made it known that forehead is related to mind and spirit which ginger the brain functionality. In fact, the area around the eyebrows is indicative of liver health therefore acne may indicate that you take in too many harmful toxins (such as: alcohol, fast food).So, to prevent acne you need to reduce or stay away from toxin exposure and a fresh, low-fat diet.
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