5 Behaviors ruining every of your relationship



Well, it maybe you ruining every of those relationships you thought could have stood. Your own behaviour, albeit unknowingly, might be keeping you from finding a working relationship yet.

One may start wondering why he/she is been dumped by others despite the visible readiness, but there are some behaviours that are capable and probably sabotaging your desires and efforts in relationship.

They are wrong signal to the other party they don’t wait to see clearly before they flee. Now, here are 7 of them;

1. BEING AFRAID OF TRYING AND FAIL; Oh, we understand after the last bleak outing you don’t want to try again? Dear, that’s a wrong mindset and a foundation for more failings.

We understand your fear about finding the right person and the right relationship. You think of your freedom, time and energy and wonder if it’s worth it all.
But, it’s this fear of trying and failing that stops you from showing passion and commitment to a relationship and which, when quite unmasked, passes the wrong message to your partner that makes them leave. No one wants to date someone whose heart is not with him/her.

Fear, about relationship, is so common with young people. Often, it’s this fear that jeopardize their efforts of fearing a relationship that works.

2. STUCK IN THE PAST: This is supposed a rider to point Number 1; Fear.

There’s no doubts that the attachment or anxiety we display in a romantic relationship has a lot to do with how we learn and perceive love as a child.

In fact, the experience from past escapades could be an inhibiting factors as the memories play themselves in the mind. I get it?
But, there is a reason it’s called the past. We should only allow it to pass, consigned to the dustbin. If you don’t allow the past to pass it only stops you from moving on.

The attending negative mindset, feelings of guilt, anguish, regrets, disappointment and maybe fear as a result of an unforgotten past is clearly toxic to building another relationship.

You see how you have been ruining it now?

3. SETTING A NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE STANDARD: Maybe you are looking for a tall, black, rich, influential, godly businessman with a mansion in Yale, Washington DC and Ottawa? No, Pardon me. I mean to say you don’t set unrealistic expectations hoping to meet them. What’s realised therefrom is stupidity and disappointment.

I am not asking you to set your aims so low but know what’s within limits.

Waiting for one who’s way beyond you could not only be futile but when found he/she may not see values in you as a partner. Relationship is all about finding mates to grow your strength.

4. LOSING YOURSELF TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP: A relationship shouldn’t be what make you lose yourself but what makes you fulfilled. There’s no basis for you to alter your personality for a relationship partner to love or like you, it often turn out you will be hurt. It’s only normal your partner get to meet, know, love and respect you for being you and not you being what you think he wants. Brace up not to let that happen and resolve to be in a relationship where you will be yourself and it will still works.

5. YOU DIDN’T SHED OFF THE OLD BAD HABITS: Repeating old bad habits and toxic relationship behaviour, over the years, when you were supposed to have outgrown them, may be a clog in the wheel of your working relationship dreams.

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Travails and failure are meant to teach us one or two things. Not learning from experience may prepare you for more anguish.
You know what habits didn’t work for you before now? You will need to do some personal growth to shed them off, dearie!

Final Thoughts;

“One bad relationship shouldn’t stop you from matching on when they are more likely the end. Why stop loving when someone else would live to die for your love?”

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