Scientists Explain What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Barefoot

Scientists Explain What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Barefoot.
Most of us have had a reason  or two (2) to have walked bare footed in the past, most especially during childhood, our parents or elderly ones would warn us against walking barefooted, sometimes, even shouting at us when we don’t heed their warnings, they believe we could get injured whilst walking barefooted, apart from that, they also believed that we could contact one disease or the other.
 But the fact remains that for centuries, science has discovered the benefits of walking barefooted, science is of the notion that, the closer you are to the Earth, the more of the Earth’s energy you can access through your feet. Apart from the science angle, whenever we walk barefooted, we feel the temperature, softness, and texture of the Earth, or the soft dewiness of morning grass, this feeling is indeed enjoyable.


Theoretically, it serves as a good source of antioxidants and free radicals, which can prevent chronic diseases and reverse the aging process. It also induces favourable electro-physiological and physiological changes, which also promotes optimum health. It is also said to improve sleep, reduce pain, minimize stress, decrease inflammation, and other health benefits.


Discovery of Earth’s Energy.
In 1952, Professor W.O. Shcumann, a German physicist at the Technical University of Munich started proving that the Earth has its own frequency, his hypothesis was on the basis that, when a sphere lies within another sphere, an electrical tension exists. Hence, since the negatively charged earth exist inside the positively charged ionosphere, tension must exist between the duo, the tension would give the Earth a specific frequency. After doing  his calculations, he concluded that the frequency is 10 Hz.


The Earth’s frequency remained at 10 Hz until 1954, when Schumann partnered with another scientist, by name Herbert König, another calculation was made, and it was confirmed that the Earth’s frequency is 7.83 Hz, this was later tested and verified by other scientists. Since then, the accepted scientific term became known as Schumann Resonance.
Study on the Benefits of Earthing.
In most of the research conducted, the participants were instructed to walk on their barefoot outside, or were connected to grounded conductive devices. In as little as 30 minutes, majority of the participants reported major improvements in parasympathetic responses. When the participants were contacted in few weeks time, they also reported positive improvements in stress reduction, inflammation, and cortisol levels.
K. Sokal and P. Sokal, cardiologist and neurosurgeon of a medical staff in Poland, carried out series of studies with regards to osteoporosis, glucose regulation, and thyroid responses, they made use of copper conductor in contact with the Earth, their findings are below:
In a double-blind experiment which was conducted on a group of 12 – 84 participants, all participants were made to maintain similar diet, body exercise, and fluid intake during the period. A copper plate attached to the leg with a conductive wire attached to a grounding rod outside was utilized.


In a single night’s sleep, significant changes in the concentration of electrolytes and minerals of the blood. Ionized calcium, inorganic phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and iron also witnessed significant reduction.
Loss of calcium and phosphorus are contributing factors towards osteoporosis, and the test showed that  in a single night of grounding sleep, osteoporosis could be reduced.


Diabetes Mellitus
For patients who had non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, earthing was conducted using rest and 72 hours outdoor activities. The patients have been taking antidiabetic drugs for six (6) months, maintained good dieting, and a good exercise schedule, but still lacked glycemic control. The patients showed a decrease level of fasting glucose after the 72 hours.
Thyroid Disease
The experiment conducted by K. Sokal and P. Sokal was inconclusive, but it was posited that Earthing had effects on our hepatic, hypothalamus, and pituitary interplay with the thyroid system, scientists would have to carry out more research on the benefits of Earthing to thyroid disease, but for the singular fact that Earthing improves health and prevent health problems, it is always worth it.
Apart from the research conducted by K. Sokal and P. Sokal, there are also other proven benefits of Earthing.
1. Earthing acts as a stress reliever.
2. Earthing decreases inflammation.
3. Earthing improves body balance and leg strength.
4. Earthing improves foot mechanics and alignment.
5. It improves body’s awareness in relation to the surroundings.


1. Diabetic patients should be very careful when Earthing, as sharp objects can easily cut through their legs, they can make use of a minimalist shoe, that would protect the the feet whilst allowing contact with the Earth. They should also make sure they wash their feet after Earthing, moisture it properly, and inspect thoroughly.
2. Be very careful of the terrain that you would carry out Earthing, some areas may be laced with broken glasses or nails, rocky areas may also cut or injure the feet, and wet areas may cause one to slip.


3. If you’re not used to walking barefooted, start doing it in small increments so as to build up strength, you can also start by using a minimalist shoe, or try exercises that requires the feet to be bare e.g yoga.
Conclusively, Earthing improves body balance, and it’s a way of improving our health, for the singular fact that Earthing is free, it’s a bonus, even though more research needs to be carried out to unveil more benefits or its opposition, we don’t have to wait for anyone to prescribe it for us, it also feels good too.
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