Science Explains 11 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Partner

Science Explains 11 Ways to Fall Deeper In Love With Your Partner
Many people go into relationships with their partners expecting it to last, most end up being disappointed, as love can grow or fade, it all depends on the partners, and how they continually work on the relationship, it’s only when they stop working on it that they may  fall out of love.
Falling in love is quite easy, but staying in love is very difficult, as maintaining the feelings as time goes on is an upheaval task. Not to worry, scientists have outlined way by which we can fall deeper in love with our partners.


1. Give Them Your Attention.
There are times  when we get so busy and engrossed with work, that we literally forget about our partners, or neglect them at times, this is totally wrong and not the way to go, you must give your relationship utmost priority, that’s the only way for it to grow.
You must give time for regular connections with your partners, this can only be done by giving them attention, as that helps the love to last, here are some tips that may look like small efforts, they make a big difference and your partner would appreciate them.
A. Listen to them
B. Make them tea or coffee
C. Incubate with them for a short while
D. Ask about their day
E. Give them a hearty compliment
F. Give them a message of support
2. Face Problems Together
Problems must be encountered, it’s an integral part of life, however, being alone in times of problems can be psychologically disturbing and disappointing, but at times, we feel like handling our problems ourselves, and leaving our partners out of it.
This isn’t particularly helpful, it’s much better when we ask for the opinions of our partners, listen to their advice, and seek their support. Treat them and make them get that feeling that you can always count on them, and you will learn more things about them that would make you fall more in love with them.
You should also try as much as possible to resolve fights or arguments together, it should be you both on one side, and the issue on the other side, that way, fights and arguments are resolved in an healthy way, and makes couple stick together.


3. Make More Physical Contact
Having physical contact with one’s partner is one of the ways of strengthening the bonds of the relationship, holding each other’s hands, cuddling, and other physical touch, gives one’s love life an healthy boost.
When one makes physical contact with one’s partner, an hormone called oxytoxin is produced, this neurotransmitter boost positive thinking, makes one feel good, and it’s a bonding hormone that increases mutual trust, and helps get closer to one’s partner.
4. Spend Quality Time Together
Not all partners can recall the last time they spent time together. Clinical psychologist, Dr. Joshua Klapow states that doing things together that involves just the two partners is very important. It creates unique moments that can be shared and held onto, this helps in increasing the bond.
Here are some of the ways you can spend quality time together:
A. Take a walk together
B. Have a lovely cooked dinner at home
C. Go for a short holiday during breaks
D. Cuddle in front of the screen and catch up on shows
E. Just hang out
Most long term relationships fall out as one or both partners gets more busy and doesn’t make out time for one another, making efforts towards it can save the relationship as a whole.


5. Find New Experiences
Adventures can be fun, teaches us more about the other person, and brings us closer with them. Jonathan Bennett, a dating and relationship expert, opined that it is scientifically proven that trying new things, most especially the exciting ones, helps one feel more satisfied in a relationship. Here are some tips:
A. Go on a day trip to somewhere new
B. Play new games
C. Take a class together
D. Try a new type of date you’ve never done e.g massage date
E. Try an adrenaline generating activity together, e.g skydiving
6. Make More Eye Contact
Looking more into your partner’s eyes is one of the ways to grow love and compassion between partners, it may sound silly and childish, but that’s the simple truth. Extended eye contact time, staring into each other’s eyes and making a conversation, or just saying nothing, makes partners feel closer to each other after the experience.


7. Do More Nice Things
We generally love those who are nice to us and do nice things for us. Doing those sweet, romantic, and thoughtful things you did while courting your partners can keep your love glowing, this would make the romance touch of the relationship quite intact. Here are some suggestions:
A. Writing sweet notes
B. Surprise dinner or date
C. Surprise gifts
D. Give a massage
8. Learn More About Each Other
Even if you’ve stayed together for a decade or more, you still need to learn more about each other, you would continue understanding each other much better as time goes on.
Assuming your partner would remain the same persons some few years back is wrong, humans are dynamic in nature, show an active interest in them, and keep up with their ever-changing dreams and goals.


9. Understand Their Love Language
Love language refers to the ways and manners by which people likes to receive love the most, it can also be the way they also show their love and affection. Without understanding your partner’s love language, it may lead to lack of fulfillment in a relationship.
There are five (5) love languages in Gifts, Words of affirmation, Acts of service, Quality time, and Physical touch. You have to understand each other’s love language and strike a balance, this would result into falling in love deeper with our partners.


10. Listen and Empathize
People tend to see the world through their own perspective, and don’t necessarily care to listen to other’s opinions and views on issues. You should understand that your partner is a different personality and have their own opinions too.
Listen to the complaint of your partner, understand their point of views, empathize with them when need be, when these are done, you would naturally be able to show more care, and understand their moods and thoughts more easily.


11. Learn to be Grateful
Learn how to be grateful to your partner, for the little things and the big ones, not being grateful to them basically means taking them for granted, compliment them regularly, thank them for the nice things they do, do nice things for them, you can also keep a gratitude journal, and log the sweet and loving things they do.
A successful long-term relationship requires genuine efforts from both partners, one of the partners alone can’t make love grow without the support of the other partner, for them to keep the passion glowing and emotions intact, there have to be mutual respect for one another.
To continue falling deeply in love with our partners, we have to keep our positive vibes intact, stay away from negative habits, and continually working on the relationship to grow better.
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