Psychologists Explain 3 Ways To Attract The Person You Want

Psychologists Explain 3 Ways To Attract The Person You Want


At a time, or sometimes, we all desire to be seen, noticed, or recognised and understood by someone or some people.
However, there are different shades to this wish. It may be for connections with colleagues, friends and acquaintances or relationship with someone will have a strong, passionate romantic feelings for.
When you feel for someone, we crave for their attention in every possible ways. We court recognition and hope for notice.


Psychologists have made out sure ways to get the attention and recognition you crave from that person. Here are some of the top ways to go about it;
SHOW/RADIATE POSITIVE EMOTIONS/ENERGY: Positivity shows through a personality like the light. It takes one a long way. There’s an inherent power in Positivity that influences others so much.
Psychologists affirmed that having positive thoughts could even brighten another person’s mood.
They aver that positivity is capable of making others like you. If one wants to get noticed by others, he should wear positive on his face and radiates energy, to show positive emotions.
This is made more effective by dashing smiles and contagious laughter. When you are out around the targeted person, smiling and laughing could make them look your side.


TALK ABOUT MUTUAL VALUES: You want someone to notice, get talking and spend time with you? Talk about things you know you like in common.
People likes to spend time with others who hold and share the same values, goals or belief.
For instance, it’s only normal for a good man to avoid the bad people. Someone who tells the truth will avoid an identified accomplished liar. You know, you only flows with people who are almost like you, in thoughts.
A football loving person will appreciate another football freak dude talking to him about matches, players and sorts. You know their is a mutual interest.
You should identify what values you have in common with the person you want to notice you. Identifying this shared values would make you prepare to talk about this confident that they would fall for it.
You are sure to get him/her talking or nodding along with you after picking their interest.


USE/CALL THEIR NAME: It has been upheld that using someone’s name is a very great way to notice you. In fact, psychologists agree that calling the name will make someone keep on noticing you.
When someone hears their own name called by someone not expected to, it makes them wonder the reality and endears the caller to them while speaking. The magic of calling someone’s name on a first meeting is used effectively by businesspersons to make first good impression.
So, if you want that person to sit up and notice you, make use of their name. They are bound to relate with you warmly with positive emotions and draw you guys closer again.
Calling the name/title emphasises their recognition which will make them wonder in honour and respect you in return.


DRESS ATTRACTIVELY: Maybe it should be like this; dress modestly attractively. I didn’t mean that you should be flamboyant or nude before you make people see you.
But the power of attraction begins with good looks. If you dresses nice and attractively, there’s high possibility that you catch people’s attention.
Psychologists agree that the brains do not forget easily what it sees.
So, when you are around him/her, make sure you are attractively dressed enough to make anyone notice the elegance. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, they say.

MAINTAIN FRIENDLY NATURE: A friendly man they say, have few enemies. If you are a free person at home, work or the runway, it is less problem for people to notice you.
When you maintains good relationship with everyone, it will shine through to that person. There’s high chances that they see you exchanging pleasantries, sharing hugs or cupping handshakes with others somehow. This will portray you as a good person.

Not being friendly and unapproachable may even gets to him/her as a news and Keep pushing them away. The same way your good neighbourliness may afford you recognition.

So, if you want someone to notice you, be good to people about or around him and in no time they would hear or see it themselves. That way you get to be known.


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