5 Foods That Make You Age Slower

5 Foods That Make You Age Slower

What you put in your mouth affects both your physical and mental functions. Have you ever wondered why you lost or lost a few pounds for no apparent reason? Did you have one of those days when you do not seem to remember anything? Your diet may have something to do with it.

Your diet also affects your age. More specifically, it plays a role in whether you are advancing safely in age or showing signs of premature aging. Although we can not prevent time from moving forward, we can be proactive in reducing the physical and mental effects of aging. Some foods can actually help you slow down your life.

Although it is not necessary to fully understand the functions of the digestive system and metabolism, understanding the basics can be helpful. Basically, all food and drink pass through the stomach, and end up in the small intestine. The small intestine divides everything you eat and drinks into its essential ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The intestines deliver vitamins, minerals and nutrients from healthy foods to the cells of the body, which provide food. By contrast, when you eat unwanted, your cells – because of the lack of a better term – feel like nonsense

Your choice of food also affects your metabolic rate in donkeys or spots. For example, protein-rich foods give your metabolism a boost, while complex and refined carbohydrates – which are hard to break – slow the metabolic process considerably. When your metabolic rate is slow, you are at increased risk for countless health conditions – all directly or indirectly associated with a weak inflammatory response. In short, healthy food helps maintain your metabolism. By contrast, unwanted food slows down your metabolism – leading to increased inflammation and aging.
All this comes to this: If you want to grow older more slowly, you should first slow the inflammation and improve your metabolic health. People who show signs of aging very early in age are not often bothered by inflammation.
Role of food in aging
Before we get to the five foods that make you slower in life, let’s add another tool to the anti aging toolkit by bypassing foods to avoid them at all costs! (Remember: “Prevention is the best medicine.”)
Keep away from the following:

• fried things: anything fried badly. This includes pre-packaged items, such as potato chips and fried potatoes.
• Cakes and Pastries: Filled with fat, pastries contain sugar loads. Over-sugar intake is associated with the early development of wrinkles.
• Fatty meat: rich in saturated fats, and fatty meat does not provide little nutritional value.
• Meat processed: Most processed meat is rich in saturated fats and nitrates; both accelerate inflammation and thus aging.

• Excessive intake of alcoholic beverages: Up to two drinks a day may be helpful, but anything that goes beyond eating a couple of beers or glasses of wine causes premature aging.
Now that you know what to avoid, let’s get to the important things.
Here are five foods that make you progress slowly!

1. Beans and lentils
Beans and lentils are full of fiber and protein, both of which help stabilize blood sugar levels. Fiber helps us feel fuller for longer, while protein helps build muscle and burn fat with a constant dose of energy. Perhaps most important is that the beans are low on the blood sugar meter (read: sugar), which means they provide the above benefits without causing inflammation or slowing the metabolism. Both help slow the aging process.
Black beans, kidneys, sea and pinto are all wonderful options, as are the Garbanzo beans (chickpeas) and dried peas.

2. Carrots
Carrots is one of the best healthy foods available, mainly due to the great help of beta carotene. Beta Carotene is a powerful antioxidant, which protects our cells and DNA from free radicals such as environmental pollutants. It is known that free radicals cause premature aging, and beta-carotene acts as a preventive measure in this regard. Carrots also contain fcarinol nutrients, which have anti-cancer properties.
For the best nutritional value of the islands, try to eat them raw and full. Vegetable chopping and cooking allow some nutrients to “leak”.

3. Soy products
Soy-derived products such as tofu and edamame help prevent cellular aging. Edamame contains a rich amount of isoflavones, a class of phytochemicals that have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties, antimicrobials, and antioxidants. Tofu, preferred for vegetarians and vegetarians, enjoys the same benefits of edamame, but with a healthy dose of protein and essential amino acids! Tofu is also dense metals, and contains calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc!
In short, if you want to prevent premature aging, download soy products! (Note: if you’re eating tofu, we recommend organic pop-up tofu!)

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