13 Ways To Improve Your Relationships

You know, we all want a great working relationship. Being in a relationship is like a project that needs time, energy and efforts to succeed.
Both partners must be willing to make sacrifice to patch the weaknesses and efforts to build on the strengths.
Most people would take every necessary and efforts to start a relationship but few only know how to improve on it.
However, if you want to make a stronger and longer relationship, there must be improvement all the time.
Here are some steps to help your cause;


 BE TRUE TO YOURSELF: Staying true to yourself will make you stay true to the cause. By living life of honesty and integrity, it allows your partner to feel more comfortable with the relationship.
You should share your flaws and your past. Both the flaws and the past do not truly define you but will make the partner knows you and grow comfortable with the facts along the line.
PRACTICE SELF- RESPECT: Before anyone would love you, you would have to really love yourself. Practice self-esteem and self-respect to send proper message of honour and respect to your partner. This will make you exude confidence and positive energy to accomplish things.
BE INDEPENDENT: Being independent but not too much disallows you from being clingy and possessive. It will afford you the right mindset to feel less deserted or worries with your partner out with friends or opposite sex.
You know you might feel a little jealous about this but let them have freedom. This makes the time with you memorable and fonder..


ACCEPT EACH OTHER FOR WHO YOU ARE: Accepting each other for who you are is the best rather than trying to mould yourselves into another unreal version. Instead of making your partner into who you think he/she should be; like, love and live to grow fonder with time.
MAINTAIN QUALITY COMMUNICATION: Maintaining quality communication might be the ultimate reflection of the relationship. It gives you the opportunity to talk about fears, problems, dreams, doubts, insecurities and memories; good or bad.
One’s partner should be the confidante, companion and best friend to share your thoughts and feelings with.
PRACTICE SPIRITUALITY:  Practicing and exploring spirituality whether in togetherness or personally will improve the relationship.
Invite your partner to religious or meditating session and pray together when you can to strengthen your bond and affection.
APPRECIATE YOURSELVES: Showing gratitude and appreciation for every little things matter a lot. You should shows you value each other for every help rendered and sacrifice made. Be proud of your character, commitment and accomplishments. Sticking together for all the while must be made worth it with attention and recognition for it.


COMPLIMENT YOUR PARTNER: Making honest compliment about beauty and attractiveness shouldn’t be at the beginning of a relationship alone. Show him/her you notice new outfit, haircut, perfume or wristwatch and values their efforts to look good.


SUPPORT EACH OTHER S’ DREAMS: Be each other’s number one fan and supporter. Inspire, motivate and encourage yourselves to set out and reach their dreams.
Be there when you are needed and offer your hands when necessary.
MAKE TIME OUT FOR THE RELATIONSHIP: You would be needing to step out of the fast and furious pace of the world once in a while, to relieve tension, pressure and anxiety and relive old memories.
You may visit the pool, beach or some restaurant for outdoor privacy.


LIVE IN THE PRESENT:  You should never be affected by the throes and woes of the past. You would need to live in the now and see it like what you really have, so that you will enjoy yourselves.
Not letting go of past pains and hurts may be shaping your character negatively which is inimical to making a working relationship.
TRY TO DO AWAY WITH COMPLAINS: You will need to talk sincerely and honestly without letting emotions get the better of you when speaking to him/her.
Make speaking from a point of love and understanding your speaking guide. Bitter complains only deplete energy and dampens enthusiasm on both sides, instead think of every problems as a mistake to learn from and quickly look for solutions.


Final Thoughts; See your relationship as a work in progress and always make efforts to take it to completion. That way you keep the fire burning. _Ibraheem Abdullateef.


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Reference: powerofpositivity


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