13 Foods You Should Never Heat In The Microwave

13 Foods That Never Heat In The Microwave

The microwave oven is easy to use and very quick to heat the remaining foods. While the food is never as good as the microwave as it is when fresh, we can not deny that this is a good way to get warm food with minimal effort.

But there are some foods that should never be microwave. Sometimes, the food spoils completely. Sometimes, it is because it can pose a safety hazard. Whatever the case, these are some foods that can not be reheated in the microwave.

There are 13 kinds of foods that can not be reconfigured in a microscope

  1. Rice

Eating rice with microwaves in the wrong way can lead to something called fried rice syndrome, a type of food poisoning caused by Bacillus cereus bacteria. These types of bacteria can live by cooking, and when rice is left at room temperature, these bacteria can really thrive.

  • Microwave rice is not bad – doing it the wrong way is bad for your intestines.
  • Leave the rice to cool for less than 1 hour before placing it directly in the refrigerator.
  • When heated, the rice must be fully reheated.

If you think about heating the rice that has been in place for more than a day by putting it in the microwave, do not. Not worth food poisoning. Just throw it away.

  1. chili chili

Chili pepper contains a component known as capsaicat, which is what makes them basically hot and hot. When you put these peppers in the microwave, very high temperatures cause these compounds to evaporate. Fortunately, this will not lead them to burst.

But as you can imagine, this means that the steam given by these peppers will be very strong. You can burn your throat and eyes because of its temperature; this is so dangerous that people have had to evacuate buildings because of the small pepper! May not explode, but what really happens is not much better.

  1. Broccoli

Yes, very easy to heat these vegetables in the microwave. But it is a waste of broccoli broccoli because it causes the disappearance of 97% of all its food contents.

Moreover, broccoli cooking actually removes many of its positive natural benefits. The steamed broccoli contains 11% of the antioxidants that have been completely eliminated – so you can only imagine what the microwave oven does!

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