11 Sign Of Non- Continuation Of Relationship Not Recognized By Most People

11 Sign Of Non- Continuation Of Relationship Not Recognized By Most People

Easy to get rid of your feet in a new relationship. But when the excitement fades and the honeymoon ends, you can already see signs that the relationship will work in the long run. You can also recognize some red marks that the relationship will not last. Signs of future collapse are many, but most people do not realize what they seem to be. So, we want to give you some things to look for that indicates a broken or ominous relationship.

Here are 11 signs of an endless relationship

  1. You are not talking about the future.

One of the signs of a relationship that does not work anymore is if you are dating for a while but you have not talked about your future. For example, if you live together for 18 months but your partner refuses to discuss marriage, it may be a big red sign. Does he find it difficult to communicate correctly, or does he really not see any future with you?

  1. I’ve been in a relationship just for passion.

You have combined your passion together as a couple but what happens when it eases it? If you are not in strong contact in other areas, it will not be long. In order for a new relationship to flourish, it must transcend the material relationship. You must be emotionally and mentally connected as well. So, if you feel that you are in this for passion only, it is best to terminate the relationship because this type of communication will not last long.

  1. There is no honesty and openness.

Mature relationships allow partners to be open and open to each other because of their level of intimacy. Becoming a big problem, therefore, when you hide things about her partner or when you feel you can not be with him completely. Psychologist Antonio Borriello told Huffington Post that the concealment of emotions can happen because there is no trust. It is also possible for someone to do things that do not correspond to his ideas as a couple, so the details are buried. If this is the case, the relationship will not have a solid foundation.

  1. No numbers, but no contacts.

You think you are in a happy relationship free of tension because you are not fighting. But what you may not realize is that fighting is a form of communication. This happens when couples try to compromise together. Couples who do not fight do not convey their feelings. It is a sign that they do not want to resolve their disputes, which may indicate the end of the relationship.

  1. You do not like your friends.

The company you keep determines who you are. People are usually attracted to make friends with people who love the same things they like or have the same qualities that they have. So, if you do not like his friends, this may be one of the signs of collapse because this relationship will not last. why? You may discover more things about him that you might not like too. Remember that friends reflect who you are.

  1. I have developed similar interests but have not been followed up with others.

Partners who like to do similar things ideally live happily together, right? When two people love the same things, they are supposed to be positive, or at least that’s what everyone thinks. But relations expert Erica Poissieri told Postel that this was not a good thing. If you do the same things together and stop pursuing your separate and unique interests, you can end up with a broken relationship. This includes a great deal of dependence on your partner, who will not allow you to grow and develop into your own person.

  1. There is no sympathy.

She has fought a big fight with her best friend, but you can not understand why she is so depressed. So, you are ignoring her feelings. But the lack of empathy with what your partner is going through is another sign that the relationship will not last. If you are in harmony with each other, you must be able to understand and imagine conflicts because the empathy is also a form of interdependence. If this feeling is not present, you are in a state of interruption.

  1. You have no decisions in the relationship.

Who always chooses the place to eat or the movies you watch? At first, it may always seem to leave him to pick places well because it is good to take care of these simple choices. But small options matter your relationship if you try to last for a long time. If your partner consistently rejects your choices, this is a sign that your opinion is not appreciated. This can hurt your connection with each other.

  1. There is nothing to take and take.

In the same way you give value to your choices, how many times do you give up? Who is always the first to apologize and apologize when you have a misunderstanding? Romance can burn quickly if there is no tenderness and taking.

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