10 Hidden Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable

10 Hidden Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Unavailable
When you give everything you have to someone who is emotionally unavailable, you can feel drained and disappointed. Relationships require effort and commitment if both are to succeed. A non-available emotional partner will not have the capacity or willingness to meet you halfway. People who are emotionally unavailable will have multiple relationships at once or avoid them altogether, usually because of childhood trauma or fear of openness.
People with intimacy problems may have been strangled or overwhelmed by parents, making them afraid to get close to someone. Or the person may have parents who mistreat or ignore them, which may also make them afraid of openness. In both cases, childhood trauma can cause a lot of harm to someone and lead to problems in the later relationship in life.
Studies have found that emotionally unavailable people usually have a common unhealthy upbringing and have been traumatized or ill-treated in childhood. A life-long study of people in England, Scotland and Wales found that people who were overly controlling or dependent fathers were less happy and mentally healthier later in life. So, if you have an emotionally unavailable partner, keep in mind that they may have had an abusive or dominant childhood that made up who they became.
This does not absolve their behavior, of course, but it gives you an idea of ​​the source of their behavior. Emotional non-availability may not be quite obvious, but if you feel that your partner may not be prepared for a long-term relationship, read on to find common signs for a distant partner.
Here are 10 hidden signs for a passionate partner N / A:
1. You do not know their intentions.
The emotionally unavailable partner will let you imagine what he wants from you. They do not even know what they want most of the time. They change their mind often, and you can not decode their encrypted messages and their “hot and cold” behavior.
Your interest in love will come strongly one second and you will be taken the next day. If your partner does not clarify their intentions and leaves you feeling uncertain about the relationship, it is likely that you have an emotionally unavailable partner.
2. They’re already in a relationship (not telling you).
If the person you are interested in sees someone else and fails to tell you, it will certainly raise some red flags. Unfortunately, it will leave you to know their relationship, in most cases. However, open relationships are becoming more common, but if you do not feel comfortable about it, you should not tolerate this behavior.
In other words, both people need to sit down and discuss the boundaries in the relationship. If your love interest does not give you that respect, you may have to move to someone else who wants a serious relationship. A person who is not emotionally available will not want to reveal personal information about himself, including his romantic relationships, because he does not want to be associated with you or an investor in you.
3. Do not care about your feelings.
People who are emotionally unavailable will only look at their feelings. They hardly ask how you feel because they do not want you to know they care; they see this as a weakness. Because they tend to put themselves in front of you, you will not feel their support. They do not have the ability to give you what you need because they have their own demons weighing them.
4. They just want you one thing.
The emotionally unavailable partner seems interested only in the physical part of the relationship. No one away from his feelings can give something else and will not try to experience it. Emotional intimacy frightens them, so to avoid it, they only focus on your satisfaction in the bedroom. If your partner seems to have contacted you only for late-night comment and has not invited you to any social events, he probably does not want a serious relationship.
5. They will not commit
Because they are not connected to broken parts themselves, they do not know how to present themselves fully to you. They have covered so much of their emotions to avoid pain and separate themselves from demons in the past. Since this person has never learned how to approach people, it is likely that they will not adhere to you.
6. Your partner will not want to talk on the phone or someone.

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Because this person fears intimacy, he usually only wants to talk via text messaging, email, or social media applications. Direct face-to-face interactions require significant weakness so you feel comfortable, so you stick to text messages and e-mail to keep them away. If you have a partner who has not contacted you at all and rarely wants to see you, you may have an emotional interest that is not available.

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