Microsoft Launches Free Online Classes to Teach Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Corp. A new series of online training courses for executives to learn about AI, trying to help companies catch up with AI in business. AI Business School is a free course to educate executives on the benefits of integrating artificial intelligence into their business and how to prepare their employees for the progress you make. Microsoft is already offering similar courses to AI and Microsoft Professional Program for Intelligence, but AI Business School will be the first of its kind for executives; it is more oriented towards the organizational and operational aspects of AI application than previous courses, which focused on the technical aspects Most of the AI. The course will focus on four key areas: culture, strategy, responsible AI, and technology.

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AI AI Business School is an innovative and pioneering program for learning and development professionals." Artificial Intelligence Transforms the Workplace and Forward Thinking Organizations Already know that the combination of unique human features such as creativity, complex problem solving and critical thinking, aided by the tremendous computing power of machines, is the new gateway to performance. " . "The availability of the Microsoft Business School for all to build their skills is a big step forward.

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